Taking a Proactive Approach to Positive Online Reputation Management.

Regardless of your company size or position, online reputation management cannot be taken for granted. With todays Social Media platforms, one person can spread a negative message about your or your company to thousands of “listeners” within minutes.

Some clients simply shrug their shoulders and say that there is nothing that they can do to prevent this – that is where they are wrong. There are clear steps that you can take to

1) Be aware of your online reputation

2) Listen and react to any activity online

3) Increase your own online influence to get ahead of anything others may say or do.

Below is a video from one of our partners in the UK, outlining the steps that can be taken for Positive Online Reputation Management.


In summary, for Positive Online Reputation Management

1. Monitor What is Being Said About You and Your Business

There are tools and processes available to allow you to regularly monitor comments online. Once set up these are easy to monitor and maintain.

2. Listen, Understand, Participate

Awarenesss and engagement are key. When something is said – positive or negative – you should respond appropriately. Don’t be defensive – often negative comments responded to appropriately can improve you business and your credibility.

3. Broaden Your Online Influence

The more influential you are – the easier it is for you to promote your positive message. However this level of influence takes time to build. You need to do this in advance or any negative or damaging comments – it will not work if it is reactive. As an expert in your business/industry you have valuable insights and comments to share. Use this to build your positive online reputation.

Finally keep in mind if you are not managing your online reputation, then you are leaving it to be managed by the actions of others. Contact us if you would like help establishing a plan for your Positive Online Reputation Management.