A good autoresponder service should be at the heart of any successful email marketing campaign, but new internet marketers are often tempted to build their campaigns using free autoresponder services. This can reduce initial start-up costs, but it’s a bad move. When it comes to email marketing the power is in the list. The list is important. It needs to be treated with the respect it deserves and that means only entrusting its handling to a reputable autoresponder service provider like AWeber or GetResponse.

Here are just five reasons why:

    1. Internet marketers who are using a reputable autoresponder service cannot be accused of sending spam emails. (This often happens when someone signs up for a list and then forgets they did so.)
    2. No limits. Free services often provide only limited features and impose limits on the amount of emails that can be sent or the number of campaigns handled. Paid for services can handle multiple lists, offer better features, and tend to be more reliable (better delivery rate). Costs can increase with the size of the list, but bigger lists usually mean bigger profits so this should not be an issue.
    3. Free Autoresponder services often add advertising to outgoing emails. This can be annoying to email recipients (possibly causing them to leave the list) and can make the sender seem like an online amateur. It is also possible that the added advertising may be for a competing product or service. Worst case scenario? The internet marketer using the free autoresponder service ends up generating sales for their competition.
    4. Dedicated customer support is a given when using a paid for service.
    5. No restrictions on storage space (allows room for your online business to grow).

Any online business needs to be built on solid foundations if it is to stand the test of time. When it comes to the important processes of list building and list handling a good autoresponder is the cornerstone that holds everything else together. Get it wrong and everything that comes afterwards may come tumbling down. Get it right and the sky’s the limit.