Your website is a crucial part of your business, and you can significantly impact the success of your business by putting up an interesting, high-quality website. If you are starting up your own business, building a website should be one of the first items on your to-do list.

You will need a web designer who can help you build a website that will give your business a leg up. If you haven’t run your own business before, you probably don’t know how or where to find a web designer. Use these tips to help you find a great web designer who can create a premium online presence for your business.

    1. Proactive. The web designer that you choose should ask a lot of questions about you and your business. After all, their job is to promote your business online; they should know all about the subject matter in order to do their job well. If the web designer does not seem particularly interested in your business or doesn’t ask for much information, it could be an indication that you will end up with a somewhat generic website. Your website should clearly reflect your brand, and the only way for a web designer to do so is to glean as much information as possible from you about your business.
    2. Portfolio. One great way to get a feel for the web designer who you are considering hiring is to look at other websites that they have designed in the past. Ask for examples of their work, and take some time to look around on the web and check out their designs. Do all of their websites look sort of the same? It is not necessarily a bad thing to have an individual style that is reflected in your work, but you should feel comfortable that the designer is flexible enough to value your particular concerns and desires and give you the unique site that you are looking for. Are you impressed by the work that they have done?
    3. Management. Does the web designer use an organized system for the planning of the web design? A structured process allows you to see and become involved in the design process, which can help to ensure that you get the website that you really want. A web designer who uses a strategic process and values your input will likely create a spot-on web page for your business.
    4. SEO Friendly. What does your web designer know about search engine optimization (SEO)? You want your website to look nice, but above all, you want it to bring you new business. The web designer that you choose should be comfortable with SEO practices and know how to implement them in order to draw traffic to your business’ website.
    5. Communicate. Ask for referrals from past clients of the web designer. The web designer that you choose should present you with an attractive, easy to use, SEO-friendly website for your business. That web designer should also communicate with you clearly and consistently throughout the duration of the project. If the web designer has good skills but you can never get him to answer your phone calls, he may not be the best match for you.
    6. Extra Services. Ask the web designer what their services include. In some cases, the designer builds the site, and then their work with you is done. In other cases, they may provide maintenance and updates to the site on an ongoing basis. Decide which arrangement you prefer.


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