Digital marketing is a bit of a buzz word of late and is vital to anyone considering taking a business online. From video marketing and blogging, through to social media marketing and web design  there is a multitude of avenues a small business can take in order to promote their services or goods. However for any small business owner who is focused on running their business, it can be a little confusing. With this in mind, here are 7 key insights into getting your digital marketing right.

Tip 1 – Know exactly who your potential customers really are

You may well be surprised at how many small business owners don’t know who their target audience is. By not knowing this, it’s very easy to spend a small fortune on going after the wrong people. Therefore, know your target audience and be specific about who you are looking to market to.

Tip 2- Quality matters

It may seem a time consuming task, but it’s really important to update your blog or website on a regular basis with quality content. Great content is the essence of digital marketing. By offering quality, you’re telling readers and the search engines that you are an authority in your field. As a result you’ll gradually start to build up levels of trust which will in turn lead to increased sales.

Tip 3 –  Spread the word far and wide

If you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into creating a compelling piece of content you’ll need to spread the word about it. One way to do this is to distribute it through as many channels as you can. So why not Tweet about it, or link to it? Alternatively place it on an authority blog, or if you’re creative…why not turn it into a video? Whatever you do, make sure you spread it far and wide.

Tip 4 – Targeted SEO

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to digital marketing SEO is not dead! In fact it’s probably more relevant know than it ever was. As a result a carefully targeted SEO campaign can do wonders for your online business and is a great way to attract new clients.

Tip 5 –  Don’t forget past customers

A past client is a great person to market to simply because they’ve already used your products and services and what’s more they already know about you. By making every possible attempt to gain email addresses of clients you can then look to market to them in the future. A strategic and targeted marketing campaign aimed at past customers can work wonders. Why not send them a newsletter with latest promotions or send a subtle email reminding them of what your company has been up to of late? All of these ideas are great for making sure that they are not simply a one time client.

Tip 6 – Don’t ignore offline marketing

Just because you’re promoting your business online doesn’t mean to say you should ignore offline marketing methods and in fact they can work hand in hand. For example, if a potential customer saw an article about your company in a trade magazine, they may then do an online search to find out more. They may then find you on the first page of the search engines or on a blog sharing some insightful content and bingo…  suddenly you’ve reminded them that you’re the company that can help them.

Tip 7 –  Measure your results

The beauty about digital marketing is that nearly every action you take can be measured. From the number of clicks, to the number of leads, from your position in the search engines to your best and worst performing adverts. Therefore, in order to make your marketing campaign be cost effective and successful, simply track everything. By doing more of the stuff that works and tweaking or discarding the marketing that doesn’t, you should see a good return on your investment.

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