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If you aren’t engaged with LinkedIn or have an incomplete LinkedIn profile then you may want to think again. The site is the most powerful business networking site in cyberspace and with over 200 million registered members you need to do all you can to make an impression. Here are some great tips on how you can achieve this.

Tip 1 -Make sure your profile contains relevant keywords

There are over 1 billion searches per year on LinkedIn and many search using keywords. As a result it’s important to include keywords in your LinkedIn profile. Try to place targeted keywords in your name, company name, headline, skills and job title as these have the highest chance of getting picked up.  Your ‘job experience’ section is also another place where you should carefully populate with keywords

Tip 2 –  Give it a compelling headline

When you’re competing with thousands of other like-minded individuals you need to stand out. One  way to do this is to make use of catchy headlines. For instance if you simply put ‘Social Media Manager‘ as your headline you’re likely to become lost in a sea of  other Social Media Managers. However if you put something like ‘engager of Social Media /Brand Ambassador/Content curator -all things to help grow your company, it’s easy to see how you can suddenly stand out. So get your thinking cap on and be creative.

Tip 3-Don’t hide

Your LinkedIn profile gives you a chance to have a photo of yourself. You really do need to use it. It shows people who you are and that you are most definitely real. Aside from coming up in searches more frequently, a decent picture will give you that all important trust factor. It doesn’t have to be a professional mug shot, but it does need to be clear. Try to avoid party photos and group shots and remember, you’re trying to sell yourself.

Tip 4 -Add credibility to your profile with endorsements and recommendations

One of the good things about setting skills on LinkedIn is that they can now be endorsed. In reality, they’re your way of showing the world what skills you have. When people endorse these skills, you’re proving a point. In addition recommendations are mini testimonials that previous employees give you. Utilising these services it’s easy to see how you can build an impressive profile that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Tip 5 – Bulk out your profile

As you’re selling yourself and/or your company/business it really pays to create an eye catching profile. LinkedIn is the perfect vehicle to do this, as it allows you to attach all manner of media such as documents, videos, presentations and even recordings. If you take the time to do this, you’re well on your way to setting yourself apart from the rest.

Tip 6 – Cross promote

Look to link your company page with your current work information. By doing so you have the chance to cross promote yourself.

Tip 7 – Keep it fresh

By regularly updating your LinkedIn profile you’re not only going to increase your engagement within the community but more importantly, you’ll show up on news feeds. This in turn will keep you relevant and noticed. Keep it updated with news articles, company announcements, blog posts and any updates about you. As the saying goes…’every little helps’.

Tip 8 – Sing out your praises

By listing your achievements it will help to build a great profile. Add completed work projects and impressive contracts, honours and awards, courses attended or whatever else you feel will add to your profile. Remember it’s good to brag on LinkedIn,

Tip 9 – Keep talking

Social media is all about networking and one way to do this is to create or join in conversations. Why not start a discussion on your company page, in groups or in your updates. Ether way it’s good to talk.

So there you have it, 9 great tips that will help you to improve your LinkedIn profile and engagement. If you’re serious about developing new business contacts, picking up new clients or  simply putting yourself out there, then this advice will certainly help, so good luck!

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