Google Adsense

Google has been busy tweaking AdSense and have come up with an additional ad format. They launched the new display-only “magazine ads” last week and the new format ads should benefit advertisers and publishers alike.

In the past webmasters using Google AdSense advertising to help monetize their sites had the option of choosing from two display formats:

  • Display ads
  • Text ads

It was possible to display one format only or opt to display both. Google recommended enabling both options to maximize AdSense revenue potential.

AdSense Display Ads

Google AdSense display ads are always image-based (banners, video ads, and rich media).

A typical may look like this:

Adsense Display Ads

 AdSense Text Ads

AdSense text ads have a very different look:


Text ads are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some webmasters love them. Others hate the idea of having a cluster of links appear on their pages and disable text ads for their sites.

Enter Google AdSense Magazine Ads

AdSense magazine ads put a fresh spin on text ads by emulating the type of ads [pun intended] featured on the pages of (ink on paper) magazines, by placing more emphasis on typography and allowing an increased amount of space around the text.

 Adsense Magazine Ad

AdSense Magazine Ads Advantages

For the Advertiser

The new format offers definite advantages for AdSense advertisers because it will enable their text ad advertisements to appear on more sites than was previously possible, increasing their exposure to generate an increased click-through rate (CTR). Ads rendered in the new format will also be more eye-catching than link ads and the extra attention they attract can only further improve the CTR.

For the Publisher

AdSense publishers who currently only have display ads enabled on their sites will automatically begin receiving text ads rendered in the new format. This means their sites will publish ads from a larger pool of advertisers and in many case these ads may be more appropriate to their page visitors than the display ads that would normally have been published and this can only increase their AdSense revenue potential. If any publisher decides the new-type ads are not for them (or their sites), they can disable them via ‘enhanced display’ option in the ‘My Ads’ tab of their account.