Get excited! Google AdWords is introducing some great new features that are guaranteed to make your marketing easier and much more effective. Although currently in beta, some advertisers already have access to these changes.

If you’re a PPC professional who has never been A/B testing’s biggest fan, Google AdWords has the answer. The new responsive text ad format allows for multiple descriptions and headlines to be written for each ad. Google will automatically test these ads dynamically for you, to ensure that the best possible combinations are used to achieve your goals.

Google Text Responsive Ads allow you to-

  1. Increase group ad performance
  2. Reach more potential customers
  3. Create flexible ads
  4. Save time

Google is also rewarding anyone who chooses to use the new responsive text ads-which help machine learning to evolve and deliver the best ad creatives, by allowing people to show three headlines instead of two and by having 90 character descriptions instead of 80-ultimately increasing the chances of ads being seen.

Google Recommends-

‘To increase the likelihood that your ad shows, be sure to provide at least 5 distinct headlines that don’t repeat the same or similar phrases. Providing redundant headlines will restrict the system’s ability to generate combinations.’

You may have tried dynamic search ads, automated ads and A/B testing to achieve similar results in the past, but now three ads must exist in each ad group for them be rotated automatically to show your best performing ads first-which will optimize your ad performance.

Writing Effective Headlines

Advertisers now have the capacity to write up to 15 headlines and four descriptions in each ad group. Google suggests writing your first three headlines as if they’ll appear together in the ad. You should use these headlines to highlight distinctive features, unique selling points and to implement call top actions.

There is also an option to pin a headline, which allows you to select a headline that you’d like to appear all the time and pin it to an ad. This is especially effective for companies who have a disclaimer or terms which need to go in every ad. Bear this in mind when writing your headlines.

When it comes to checking if the new ad format is working, you can check how your responsive text ad are performing by using a filter on your reports.

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