I was doing some training for a company recently on the use of LinkedIn to find new clients and we were discussing how to increase your number of contacts quickly and make your profile more visible to everyone. One of the first things to do is join some groups that have people in them that are in a similar line of business as yourself, or are your target audience to whom you are trying to expand your sphere of influence.

So now you have some more contacts, but how can you raise your profile visibility?

When we discussed the idea of answering questions in LinkedIn to raise your profile, not everyone could see how this would help to increase profile visibility. We decided to carry out an experiment and we asked a question for specific advice on the main service that the company offered. Within four hours we had four answers back to choose from all with differing points of view, this illustrated the power of asking specific targeted questions.

By answering questions put out by other members of your groups you will start to gain credibility and showcase your expertise in your subject area. So if you think you have some valuable information to share in answer to a question that has been asked please do not hesitate to share your thoughts on the matter. This raises your profile and as long as you are not overtly promoting your product or giving a hard sale, your credibility will increase.

This strategy is to openly share your expertise and add value to other members of your groups. People who ask questions can vote on the best answer they receive and if you receive a best answer your profile gets even more attention.  In this manner they will remember you when they need a service you may have to offer. However don’t answer a question if you are not sure you know the answer, bad answer can damage for image. One or two can be dealt with if you answer more question well. So next time you are on LinkedIn take a few moments to look at the Answers section and see if you can provide some useful information for someone. They will appreciate you sharing your knowledge and you will raise your profile at the same time, which is a win – win. To learn more about how you can best implement social media into your business’ internet marketing mix, Contact us for more information .