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Austin Stack is an eCommerce Marketing Specialist with extensive industry experience for both B2B and B2C clients. He is a proficient web development and passionate about all things digital and specialises in SEO, PPC, eCommerce, Digital Strategy and Lead Generation. Austin has a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute and is studying for a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing Strategy at CIT. He enjoys sports, film, coding and supports Man Utd and Cork City FC for his sins.

Delighted with Website Redesign

“We worked with ePresence to redesign our website. The team at ePresence were very responsive […]

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Three Ways to Make Money with YouTube

How to Make Money with YouTube

Present […]

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A Simple Way to Monitor Page Shares

It’s always handy to know how well pages are doing on the social networks. Apart […]

Providing Value to Mailing List Subscribers

A responsive mailing list can be a powerful internet marketing asset, but it is important […]

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AdSense Magazine Ads: The Benefits

Google Adsense

Google has been busy tweaking […]

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Can Small Sites Rank Higher Than Larger Sites?

Is it possible for small sites to rank higher than their larger, more popular competitors? […]

Conversion Rate Optimization Explained

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a technique internet marketers use to try and improve the […]

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Monitor for Negative SEO Attacks (Part 2)

Content duplication is an alarmingly common occurrence on the Work Wide Web. Often when content […]

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Social Bookmarking For Business

Social Bookmarking for BusinessSocial bookmarking allows […]

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How to Get Content Indexed Faster

Content is king! It’s a phrase that every internet marketer will probably be familiar with, […]

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