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Donal O'Sullivan is a commercially focused Digital Marketer with 10+ years experience helping B2C & B2B clients. Donal has worked with many small to large enterprises locally and internationally and has a proven track record of driving revenue gains and brand awareness through integrated campaigns both Online & ATL. In his previous role Donal worked for AXA Insurance, Ireland’s leading Insurance company. He was responsible for the strategic and day-to-day management of the AXA brand for business generation in their online channels. Donal lives and breathes digital and will help you identify real opportunities by concentrating on data driven analysis to guide commercially focused marketing and optimisation decisions across:      Acquisition, Conversion & Retention


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4 digital marketing trends to embrace in 2016

4 digital marketing trends to embrace in 2016

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Long Tail Keywords: Why You Need Them

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Where are Your Affiliate Sales?

Although it is still true to say “The Money is in the List”, the list […]

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Twitter Marketing the #AmazonBasket Way

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How to FTP a Website

Some webmasters run sites for many years without knowing how to FTP a website. Most […]

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What is a Website Conversion Rate?

“Website conversion rate”: it’s probably one of the first internet marketing terms many newbie marketers […]

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