Blogs are today’s online magazine that more and more people are looking to for their information. Businesses have implemented blogs and are using blog marketing as a major internet marketing strategy to grow their brand and attract new prospects.

  1. Active: Blogs are active while websites are passive. Blogs broadcast their content out to the web via RSS every time there is something new. Websites, on the other hand, wait to be discovered by search engine spiders. It’s like the difference between fishing and hunting. You can sit and wait for fish, or you can actively hunt and pursue.
  2. Faster: Blog posting and syndication is almost instantaneous. Blogs distribute information very quickly and efficiently. Because blog feeds are similar to news feeds, information spreads in minutes instead of days or weeks. Blogs are a great place to kick-start marketing campaigns for new products and services.
  3. Loyalty: It is easy for visitors to subscribe to a blog so they can view new postings as soon as they happen. Blogs encourage repeat visits with content being delivered to your favorite reader or delivery by email. Compare this to bookmarking a website which depends on the visitor to come back.
  4. Current: By their nature, blogs have regular fresh content and they are more up to date. Blogs tend to deal with breaking events and technology insights.
  5. Interactive: Blogs invite participation and interaction. Blog conversations are encouraged providing multiple viewpoints and discussions. Comments can be made easily from each page.
  6. Personality: Blog writing is more informal and conversational. It allows the writer’s personality to make it more alive and interesting. Websites on the other hand are more formal and tend to be written in marketing speak.
  7. Easier: You don’t need to understand HTML to publish your thoughts and opinions. The content management systems on blogs allow you to type, format and add pictures as easily as you can in a word processing program.

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