We hear plenty of lingo in the world of Digital Marketing. Search Marketing is a term that is mentioned time and time again. What is it and how can it help my business?

Quite simply, Search Marketing is a form of Internet Marketing that seeks to promote your website by increasing its’ visibility in search engine result pages e.g. Google

Most business owners today recognise the importance of having a website. Like the telephone, it is a necessary tool that your customers simply expect you to have. Business owners also recognize that it is equally as important for your website to be found in the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. Search Marketing will help you achieve this i.e. will help your website to be found.

Search Marketing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your product or service locally, nationally or even internationally. When used in conjunction with other internet marketing activities, can give you a competitive edge and thereby increases your revenues.

It’s well documented that small business owners are cost sensitive, but it’s a misconception that Internet marketing is expensive. In fact, Internet marketing solutions are highly cost effective when compared to traditional advertising media that business owners are more familiar with. For example, a modest ad in the Golden Pages can cost thousands of euro per year and offers virtually no way to target specific customers or track the quality of leads produced (if any). With that kind of budget—or for even less—a Pay-for-Performance search engine marketing campaign can deliver precisely targeted leads to a business’ website, while clearly showing which ads produce the most sales.

Another benefit of Internet marketing exclusive to smaller businesses is that it levels the playing field, enabling any business to compete for customers that might not have been reachable otherwise.

To the smaller business owner already unfamiliar with the topic, choosing a reliable provider can be quite daunting, but it’s worth the effort. The best way to Hire an Internet marketing specialist is to approach the situation the way you would when hiring any other service professional. Ask around; try to get a referral from a friend or acquaintance if possible. When looking at different companies don’t make a decision based solely on price and beware of offers that sound too good to be true. Ask questions about the company and their experience, and read through their own website.

For more information on how Search Marketing can help your small business, visit WSI atwww.epresence.ie