New Facebook Business Layout


Facebook: August Updates Get ready for some nice, new Facebook layout changes from August 23rd. Facebook will be automatically changing the current standard template to a new services template. Current Template Standard → New Template Services The new layout is specifically for businesses and will showcase important information about the business – such as hours, prices and […]

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Landing Pages: What Makes Them Work?


Your landing pages are essential to your digital marketing, because your website is your primary interface with your customers and potential buyers. Landing pages are simply the pages where your users ‘land’ when they click through from your emails or advertising, and are a means of collecting the contact information, and sometimes other data, from […]

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Google Customer Match: Make it Work for You


Whether or not you’ve used Google AdWords in your marketing strategy before, you should be aware of the exciting new feature recently introduced for advertisers: Customer Match. Customer Match works with existing mailing lists and allows businesses to develop specific advertising campaigns that target their prime audiences effectively. It is designed to target existing customers and potential customers who have shown an interest in the brand, as well as appealing to new customers with similar interests.

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Do You Use Facebook Advertising Successfully?


Because Facebook is such a dominating force in the online world, it’s overtaking all other social media platforms, and even the Google search engine, as a means of attracting new business to your website.   This has created an explosion of businesses advertising on Facebook, and unsurprisingly, the enormous increase in competition has resulted in […]

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Grow Your Business With Google Analytics for eCommerce


When you’re looking to expand your business or increase your revenue, you’ll probably be considering how you can develop your marketing in the most effective ways. If you’re new to online marketing or ecommerce, or you’re seeing drops in your figures, it’s well worth exploring how you can use specific online tools to make this […]

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