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How to Disavow Backlinks

There are many reasons why webmasters may wish to disavow backlinks. Such a move may […]

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Monitor for Negative SEO Attacks (Part 3)

One of the best SEO assets any site can have is a profusion or quality […]

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Monitor for Negative SEO Attacks (Part 2)

Content duplication is an alarmingly common occurrence on the Work Wide Web. Often when content […]

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Monitor for Negative SEO Attacks (Part 1)

Nobody likes nasty surprises, so although monitoring for negative SEO attacks can take a little […]

What is Negative SEO and Why is it Used?

Negative SEO is a process used to attack websites and cause their pages to move […]

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New for 2014: The Google Scraper Report

It’s always frustrating for webmasters when they discover someone has scraped their content and is […]

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Useful Tools: The Meta Tag Analyzer

Meta tag analyzers are very useful.  Many such tools are available online, and can come […]

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How to Get Content Indexed Faster

Content is king! It’s a phrase that every internet marketer will probably be familiar with, […]

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What is SEO?

What is SEO?SEO stands […]

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How to Choose a Suitable Domain Name

John Brennan is director of ePresence Internet Marketing. He is an experienced management consultant, specialising in Digital Marketing, Business Development, Product Development and Innovation Management.

Owner/director of ePresence, John also lectures in Digital Advertising and Analytics at Cork Institute of Technology.

John has an Electronic Engineering Degree from Cork Institute of Technology, MBA from University College Cork and Executive Training at Kellogg Business School, Chicago.

Before setting up ePresence, John held various roles such as Software Engineer, Director of Engineering, Director of Product and Program Management, Vice President of Product Development and General Manager in world leading organisations such as Apple, IBM, Snap-on Inc. and FMC.

John combines his technology know-how, management experience and customer focus to help his clients achieve online success.

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