Last week we discussed the common hosting issues that might be hindering your business’ website from high rankings. And now here are two more internet marketing mistakes that many people make on their websites:

8. You might have special characters in your URL

Choose your URL carefully, especially for your business’ website! If your URL has special characters in it like: &, $, =, or %, many search engines will have difficulty indexing your pages. In fact, in some cases, many search engines will ignore pages with these characters altogether. So basically, it’s best to avoid including these characters in your URL altogether just to be on the safe side. If the search engines skip your URL completely, they’ll never get the chance to index the relevant and keyword-rich contentof your site!

7. Ineffective Optimizing – You could have text hidden in the background

Some people have tried to trick search engines by hiding keyword rich text on a page by making the font color and background color the same. This way, the site’s visitors wouldn’t be able to view the text, but theoretically search engine’s spiders would still recognize the keywords resulting in a high page ranking. However, most search engines have learned to catch this trick and they will penalize your site for trying to spam the search engine. So to ensure that your site isn’t blacklisted or penalized with low index rankings, the solution is simple: don’t try to trick/cheat the search engines! Ensure your business’ website is keyword rich, but do it the right way! Nobody likes to be cheated and nether do search engines! Next week we’ll cover two more ineffective optimizing mistakes people make on their websites… Learn more about how to achieve high ranking in search results and receive large volumes of traffic through your business’ website.