Here are the next two mistakes websites often make that get them very low search engine rankings. If you omit these from your website, consider yourself and your business’ internet marketing plan way ahead of your average competitor

4. Poor Link Popularity

Ultimately, you want your site to be popular. And one of the main factors that search engines use to determine the quality of a website is its link popularity. In other words, how many sites link back to your website. If many other credible sites link back to your website, it boosts yours site’s credibility and testifies to the quality of your site, thereby boosting your rankings in search engine listings. However, including unrelated links on your site and to your site won’t necessarily help boost your ranking. Your links must be related to your business and the content on your site! For example, if you run a flower shop, a link to a gardening center would be acceptable, but a link to a drycleaner would not. Luckily there are reciprocal linking programs to get your website involved in, which will improve your link popularity. But always ensure that you’re trading links with websites that are appropriate!

3. Content Problems – Using frames can hinder search engines from seeing the text on your site

Using frames in your website design can hurt your search engine rankings because many search engines have problems reading the text from within frames. If you designed your site solely with frames, the only text search engines can read is the title and the Meta tags. And, clearly, that’s not nearly enough text to guarantee that your site gets indexed. The simplest solution to this is to just avoid using frames all together; instead, design your site using layers. However, if your site is already built with tables, it’s a good idea to add detailed descriptions of your site in the <no frames> section of the HTML code that the search engines can read. This might not guarantee that your site gets indexed, but it will help. Visit our site for more tips on how to make your business’ website visually appealing, optimized for conversion, and content-rich.