Common Mistakes That Will Result in Low Search Engine Rankings (Part Three)

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Hopefully you took away some helpful tips from last week’s list of ineffective optimization mistakes that many websites are making. And this week there are two more common mistakes to add to your list of internet marketing don’ts:

6. Ineffective Optimizing – Overused Keywords

Overusing keywords on your website can be just as bad as not using any keywords at all! In an effort to avoid being spammed, many search engines take measures to carefully filter out sites that overuse the same keywords or phrases repeatedly, either in their Meta tags or in the body of the text. However, there’s not a magic number differentiating between what is considered to be ‘keyword rich’ and what is considered ‘keyword spam.’ Generally, a safe way to judge is to simply read your text aloud and determine if the copy sounds fake or natural. If the keywords sound forced into your copy, then it’s a good idea to edit some out. Make your text sound human!

5. Ineffective Optimizing – Using the Wrong Keywords

At times the problem with your keywords isn’t how often you’ve used them; it’s specifically which keywords you’re using in your Meta tags and in your body. In order to optimize your site, be sure to include keywords that your customers are likely to use on a daily basis. When choosing your keywords, don’t necessarily choose the words that you would use to describe your company – focus on your potential customers and what they would likely type in to find your website. Example: John’s Book Shop. Instead of using John’s Book Shop as a keyword, use online book shop etc. Come back next week for the next two common mistakes made in websites with low search rankings. Learn methods tol help your business’ site achieve high ranking in the search results.

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