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As businesses realise the importance of appearing high in Google search pages, the question arises as to how to select the most suitable Search Engine Optimisation or SEO services in Cork to suit your specific needs. For someone not involved in the technology it can be a very confusing area. The term SEO is used very widely and can mean a range of services – from simply registering your website with Google right through to complex campaigns to ensure top level ranking.

So when someone says “sure we provide SEO services” or you get a call offering you “top ranking on Google for only €50 per month”, how can you tell whether you are really getting value for money or just throwing money away? The simple answer to this is that with any online program you should be able measure clear business results, and unless you are in a position to understand the technology yourself, it needs to be with a company or individual that you feel you can trust. Here a few things that you should consider when looking at competing SEO services in Cork

  • Long Term Engagement – SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is generally not a once off or short term process. Like building your business or your business reputation it will generally grow and develop over time. There may be some short term wins, but if someone is offering you a “quick fix” – be cautious.
  • Experience – It’s not just about technology, you want to find someone who will take the time to understand your business and advise on solutions that are right for you. Look for companies who have a range of experience across industries. Doing this you will get new ideas as well as help with your SEO.
  • Range of Technologies – there are multiple ways to grow your business by taking advantage of the Internet. SEO is important, but it is not the only tool available. Work with a company that can understand your needs and can match tools and technologies to your specific requirements.
  • Keeping up with Technology – In this space technology is changing fast. Specifically with regard to SEO Google is constantly changing the rules. It is worth questioning how your supplier keeps abreast of the latest developments and how these are passed on to you.
  • Measuring and reporting Return on Investment – Maybe the most important element. If you are going to spend money on this, you should be able to see clear reporting on the results. How your Google rank is changing, how this is impacting traffic to your site and ultimately how this is effecting your bottom line. If the supplier is not talking about measurement there is a problem.
  • Similar Business Ethos – As I mentioned above this is going to be a critical part of every business, and you should expect that whoever you work with should be working with you for the future. People work with People – it is important to find a company or individual who you can work with and develop trust over time.
  • References – One of the best measurements of a supplier is how they have worked with other companies. If they have been successful elsewhere then there is a good chance they will be successful with you. As for reference clients, and ask if you can talk to one or two of them. If a good service is being provided, a supplier of SEO services would be delighted to put you in contact with some of their success stories.

There is huge potential benefit for companies who avail of SEO services in Cork, but there is also a lot of mis-information and confusion. Taking extra care in selecting a service provider will pay off in the long term.

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