In a world where digital is advancing rapidly and becoming ever more necessary for business, it is important for every company to have a Digital Strategy.

A clearly defined Digital Strategy has several benefits and will help you to create greater brand awareness and generate more leads.

If done effectively, you should be able to:

1) Clearly identify customer personas through market research

Communicating with your customer has never been easier. You can use this to your advantage by sending questionnaires and surveys to get clarity on any ideas that you might have.

Use testimonials and reviews and see exactly who is using your products and services. Use this information to create a positive user experience for them. This tailored experience allows you to focus more clearly on your ideal customer.

Best Technology to

2) Define your objectives

With endless technologies and automation tools on the market, it has never been easier to track your progress and monitor your results.
Your ability to set goals, track them and smash them couldn’t be easier when using analytics, goals, pixels, conversion rates. By analyzing this data, you can see what works for your company, and more importantly what does not.

Best Technology to Use-Google Analytics

3) Know what action to take
Clearly defined KPIs and goals will allow you to see what is working for your company and to identify where you should invest more heavily to encourage growth.
Use the SMART method to specifically and effectively focus in on who you want to target.

Make sure that your strategy is:
A- Attainable

Best Technology to Use-Tableau

What Can You Achieve With Digital?

Use Digital To Achieve The 5Ss

1) Sell

Digital is brilliant for lead generation and acquisition. Whether you want to build an email list, to encourage sales with a free trial or to gain more Facebook likes, digital can help you to achieve those goals in various ways. You just need to focus on what works best for your company.

2) Speak

Digital offers the potential to reach out to customers in so many ways. Email, messenger, web chat functionality-and even social media, all allow you to communicate with your customers, engage and give them the best user experience that you can to encourage retention.

3) Serve

Add a real and practical purpose to reach end goals by implementing ecommerce and social ecommerce functionalities across your digital platforms, to make the user experience easier and to generate more conversion for yourself.

4) Save

Pay attention to budget and whether certain marketing materials are paying off for you or not. For instance, could you reduce print costs by introducing online discount codes as opposed to distributing discount cards perhaps?

5) Sizzle

Bring real strength to that great campaign idea and have the potential to reach a targeted, global audience with a digital strategy. Digital can enhance your overall marketing strategy by working in tandem with traditional marketing methods. We encourage reaching more people by taking your campaigns on line.

How To Harness the Power Of Digital

    1. Make Google Work For You

Learn how to rank on SEO and get organic reach. This is where your digital strategy should start. By utilising AdWords and SEO, your brand should become more visible to potential clients.

    1. Social Strategy

With over 3.4 billion people using social media daily, it makes sense to reach use social. If you could even engage with a fraction of that user group, you’d be guaranteed business success. The key is to know the right platform to use to reach your customer persona.

      • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for reaching out to businesses and industries, and is an effective tool-especially in B2B, helping lead generation, brand awareness and networking.
With over 430 million users worldwide, the potential to use LinkedIn in clever ways is huge-especially by thinking savvy and using Sales Navigator.

      • Facebook

Facebook have 1.65 million monthly users worldwide, so the potential to generate brand awareness, leads and sales is huge on Facebook. Make the most of added extras such as shop features, market place and local to showcase your brand and generate sales. Use your feed effectively to showcase your business, products and team.

      • Stories

Be dynamic and engaging on Instagram and Facebook Stories to add colour to your brand.

    1. Watch Your Competition And Benchmark Your Performance

Digital not only helps you to reach your goals and objectives, but it also allows you to check out what the competition is doing.
See what they’re up to with various sites such as and spot opportunities that you may have missed.

    1. 4) Analytics and Reporting

By correctly monitoring analytics and observing business trends, it’s possible to hone in on what’s working for you and to make changes where necessary. The metrics are there, it’s about using them to your advantage to get more bang for your buck.

Create Your Digital Strategy Today

By implementing a digital strategy, you should be able to correctly segment your audience, target the right people and position your self correctly within the digital space.

If you would like help setting up or implementing your digital strategy, ePresence would love to help. We have a variety of tailored options to suit your needs and goals.

Contact us today for your free consultation and we’ll run through your options with you.