Luck of the Irish: 17 eCommerce Marketing Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patricks Day eCommerce Marketing Ideas

Our Top eCommerce Marketing Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re a marketing professional, you’ll know that keeping your content relevant to the times we live in is a must. Tying your ideas to seasonal themes can be a highly effective way to keep your audience engaged whilst furthering your marketing goals. A cultural holiday can inspire everything from your social media pages to your retail stores, helping you increase sales whilst having some lighthearted fun.

Relevant content will depend on your audience, but using popular holidays as a marketing theme is a great example of how to maintain customer engagement and keep your marketing ideas fresh.

At ePresence, we know successful eCommerce marketing isn’t just a matter of luck. Planning, innovation, and attention to detail are all key.

So, with a certain notorious Irish holiday fast approaching, here is our guide to St Patrick’s Day marketing ideas that will help you celebrate the Emerald Isle and strike gold with your marketing strategy…


  1. Update your visuals

Social media algorithms love an update and will show your page to more of your followers if you keep your images fresh and interesting.

However, it can be hard to source a constant supply of relevant imagery.

Using St Patrick’s Day-themed banners on your websites and social media cover photos gives you a handy excuse for a refresh and a great way to advertise your latest product line or special Patrick’s Day offer.


  1. Support Irish culture

Highlight any Irish-made products you stock and run a promotional offer on them.

Customers will appreciate your loyalty, so this will enhance your brand image as well as provide a great opportunity for sales.


  1. Make customers feel lucky!

Try running a flash sale with a special St Patrick’s Day discount code.

This will get your audience in the Paddy’s Day spirit and engaged with your content. A great way to kick off your Patrick’s Day celebrations!


  1. Extend your Patrick’s Day theme to your Google Ads

Don’t forget to use the promo extension for your discount code throughout all aspects of your marketing campaign, including all your PPC Google Advertising search campaigns.

Tailor your headlines and descriptions to mention your Paddy’s Day offers.

Make sure your green theme covers every element of your public appearance!


  1. Update Google Performance Max

As well as Google Search Advertising, it’s important to update your Google Performance Max campaign headlines, descriptions, images and videos to include your St. Patrick’s Day campaign and promotions.


  1. Embrace Patrick’s Day fun!

Create Paddy’s Day-themed videos and images to use for organic growth on social media, as well as for paid social media advertising campaigns.

To get your audience engaged and sharing your content, relate to public perceptions of the holiday. Recreate the atmosphere of a Patrick’s Day party, tell your customers why shopping with you will make their lucky day, or explain how you are celebrating St Patrick’s Day with your range of green products.

For an alternate take, you could look at different angles.

Remind customers of the risk of encouraging negative Irish stereotypes, or of the religious holiday at the root of the festival.

It’s a riskier strategy, and you don’t want to be seen as killing the vibe. But a striking post that says something a bit different can stand out from the crowd, so if taking a more serious tone would fit better with your business, consider it.


  1. Limited edition merchandise

Could this be an opportunity for your company to create limited edition green items, or other special Patrick’s Day products?

Encourage your customers to purchase green apparel, green accessories, or even green beer!

Theme products for the occasion using iconography such as four-leaf clovers or a little pot of gold.

If your business has more of an eco-angle, you can take the green theme to a different place.

Consider planting trees for every order placed on Patrick’s Day, or wearing green on the occasion as a pledge of commitment to caring for the environment and Irish culture.

Whatever your style of business, a Patrick’s Day marketing campaign can be a huge success. Check out running shoe brand Brooks, who does limited edition themed merchandise well with their Run Lucky St. Patrick’s Day range.


  1. The race is on!

Use a countdown timer on your website to create a sense of urgency and show that your Patrick’s Day sale ends soon.

It’s a simple device but highly effective – making your customer feel like a lucky winner every time they make a purchase.


  1. Offer a Patrick’s Day discount

Boost sales on the day itself and build your customer base by offering a special discount to those who sign up for your email list.

With social media becoming increasingly monetized, marketers need to do everything they can to improve their mailing lists. Email Marketing is not subject to algorithms in the same way, and so if you can create a newsletter that is engaging and fun for customers to read, you will consistently reach a much greater proportion of your audience.

E-commerce businesses in particular cannot afford to neglect their mailing list.


  1. Add a prize

Who doesn’t love a good competition?

Adding a “Spin the Wheel” promotion on your website is a great way to encourage people to sign up to your email list when they get involved to play to win a prize.

Theme your competition to tie in with Patrick’s Day celebrations, whether your prizes are linked, for instance, Patrick’s Day apparel; or whether this is simply tied in through marketing slogans and the colour green.


  1. Free shipping

Celebrate St Patrick by offering free shipping on the holiday itself.

Any online store becomes instantly more appealing with a free shipping offer, just ensure you advertise your deal through your email marketing and campaigns leading up to the event itself.


  1. Create a dedicated landing page for your Patrick’s Day offering

If you’ve put a lot into your Patrick’s Day marketing ideas, you should create a space dedicated to the event.

An online landing page is a great way to bring all your ideas together.

From content celebrating Irish culture to information about your in-store event; party guides or details of your competition to get everyone wearing green t-shirts on the day; a landing page gathers all the elements together, making it simple for your customers to join in.


  1. Social media competition

Social media is a vital element of any marketing campaign, and a social media competition is a great way to encourage your audience to get involved.

The idea of a competition is a win-win for both customers and businesses – they get the chance of winning a prize, while you get a host of new subscribers to your email campaigns or similar enlargement of your audience.

A Patrick’s Day holiday competition might involve asking customers to share a photo of themselves celebrating – perhaps ask them to wear green, or explain how they enjoy the holiday. The added benefit of this type of competition is it draws traffic to your pages and gives you a lot of user-generated content.


  1. Remember the special touches

Customers love a special touch.

When you are seeing them in-store, this should usually come in the form of personal attention, advising them on their purchases, and helping them carry or pack their shopping.

But this kind of “extra mile” can be difficult for e-commerce businesses working remotely.

A great way to tie in your Patrick’s Day marketing campaign with making your customers feel special is to invest in some themed gift wrapping, to make your package stand out.

Imagine your customer’s experience as they open your package – they will remember the little extra effort from your company, and come back for more.


  1. Go green for Patrick’s Day!

Any company looking to boost its eco credentials should consider this marketing angle.

Whether you actively sell sustainable products, or you have adopted an ethical policy you can flag up, get your team to wear green and tell your audience that you are celebrating St Patrick by encouraging an environmental ethos.


  1. Give your audience a backstage glimpse

Everyone loves content that feels personal and real.

Rather than endless polished, staged shots, show the friendly human face of your company by sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your team getting into the holiday spirit.

Perhaps in your office, people wear green to celebrate St Patrick.

Or they honour Ireland’s patron saint by having a toast to him after work.

Either way, keep it relatable, friendly and tied to the Patrick’s Day theme. Social media will love it!


  1. Don’t forget the basics!

Among all the more ambitious St Patrick’s Day e-commerce marketing ideas, remember to cover the basics.

You should plan a Patrick’s Day email campaign highlighting all your Patrick’s Day offers and encouraging your audience to get involved. Use an effective subject line to reel your readers in, and refer back to that subject line in the main body of your text.


Good luck!

Are you a business thinking of setting up a Patrick’s Day marketing campaign? This holiday can be an effective way to engage your audience, so good luck implementing your ideas.

Here at ePresence, we use our expertise in all things marketing to help businesses across Ireland achieve the results they deserve. Whether you are looking to increase sales, drive traffic to your website, or gain new subscribers to your mailing list, we know how to help. Our friendly team of digital marketing specialists in Cork can assess your marketing needs and help you implement your goals. If you are considering investing in Patrick’s Day marketing ideas, have a plan to create a campaign around another holiday, or simply want to talk through your current online marketing goals, get in touch today.

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