Effective SEO Practices And Why You Should Be Building Links Using Quality Rather Than Quantity

Effective SEO and Quality Link BuildingThe Search Engine Optimisation or SEO game is constantly moving and changing as time evolves and as a result, it can become very easy for internet marketers, bloggers and DIY website owners to take their eyes off the ball. However in amongst all this sea of change, one thing has remained constant and that’s the need for effective SEO techniques – in particular quality link building.

Building links whether they are inbound or outbound has always played a large part in how well your site performs in the rankings. Except now the emphasis is being placed more upon the quality of those links rather than the quantity. Let’s explain…

Effective SEO is all about being smart and as you probably already know, the ultimate goal of Google is to put relevancy firmly at the forefront of their modus operandi. Therefore for any smart marketers, it pays to follow this mantra. So try to avoid link farms and link directories like the plague and put your energies into finding quality links to ‘high PR’ relevant sites. (PR Refers to Page Rank which is an indication of how Google will view the page. A higher page rank will be a better quality link)

In addition to high PR sites, simply by creating high quality content that people will want to read gives credence and will, before long, attract other quality sites who will want to link back to yours. This is effective SEO at its best.

Building links using social networking sites can also be a very effective way of improving your site rankings. The reason for this is simple…Google loves social involvement! And because of this… if you haven’t already guessed then so should you. Once you’ve created your content; then promote it via your social channels. This way it can gain maximum exposure and stand a good chance of picking up some quality links along the way.

Overstuffing keywords into text used to be a way of getting your content, blog or website up the top of the rankings. However ‘post panda’, this is no longer an option. Instead effective SEO keyword techniques require you to avoid using the same keyword too many times and instead use a small handful of related keywords which are woven naturally into the text.

It seems then that the most effective SEO practice for building links is to concentrate on delivering quality content. Great content is always going to attract quality links and yes…you have to promote it in the beginning, but if it’s good enough, it will gather momentum pretty quickly and the links will occur naturally.

Here at WSI we use effective SEO methods to collect natural links that will make your website “panda” friendly and therefore climb in the rankings. Contact Us today for more information of to discuss you SEO needs.