One business tool that pretty much everybody uses today isEmail Marketing. It’s convenient, cost effective and easy to use and as a result, it remains one of the main sources of contact for internet users worldwide.

Fotolia_41475751_XS-300x200Powerful Email Marketing Software tools, like Constant Contact,allow businesses to inexpensively send very professional communication to their clients. It also provides valuable reports on how those emails are received.

For businesses, a carefully planned email marketing campaigncan still deliver amazing results and it therefore cannot be underestimated. However, an effective email campaign isn’t simply about blasting out a quick email to your contact list. It’s much more than this. Let me explain…

Customer segmentation

It has been proved time and time again that customers are becoming far more savvy in the way that they shop, and studies have shown that for many shoppers they need to make a connection with the product or business before they will part with their hard earned cash. In other words when businesses think about email marketing, the products or services that they offer should pertain directly to the specific customer they are targeting. This is where customer segmentation comes in to play.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is to send out the same blanket email message to every user on their database. Companies who send out offers that may not be relevant to a customer are more than likely in danger of losing them. Therefore, it really pays for any business when considering email marketing to look at specific demographics such as age, location, gender, purchasing behaviour etc, segment them and then send out targeted messages tailoring offers to that specific demographic.

All Buyers are not created equally

In any business it is fair to say that all customers are different. Let’s take a plumbing business as an example… Their customer base may consist of a landlord who owns a few properties or a large apartment complex, or a single home owner. Clearly these are two very different types of potential customer and as a result have different plumbing needs. Therefore, it stands to reason that they should be marketed to in a different way.

Different points in the selling chain

In addition to the variety of customers, each one may also be at different points along the selling chain and this also affects that way that you should market. Let’s take the plumbing business analogy to prove a point….

Say for arguments sake you had Richard, who opted in to an email marketing list because he had read a blog on the plumbing company’s web site about best plumbing practices. He’s just bought a new house and is looking for preventative measures that he can take to protect his house from leaks. He isn’t in the market for a plumber, but has the details in mind should the need arise.

Now let’s take Dan…. He has already purchased three different plumbing products from the company website but they still haven’t unblocked the stubborn drain. His wife has told him in no uncertain terms that if he doesn’t get the problem sorted by the time she comes home from work, then he’s going to be in a whole world of trouble. It stands to reason that Dan is that much further along the selling chain than Richard. As a result, delivering an email marketing message that fits these specific needs is key.

Improving reputation

In addition to Dan snapping the plumbing company’s hand off to fix his problem, delivering an email message that addresses the problems of the client directly is going to improve the online reputation of any business…whatever it may be. From now on, every time Dan receives an email marketing message from that specific company, he knows it’s going to be something of real value that pertains to him.

Getting to grips with customer segmentation in email marketing can be quite complex, so if you are still unsure about how to utilise it to your advantage when it comes to your email marketing campaign then you should contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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