Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your existing customers and those who are interested in your products or services, which is an excellent form of re-marketing. It offers unique opportunities to grow your brand and keep your audience interested and loyal to you, especially if you are providing interesting and relevant content alongside regular promotions.

However, the bad news with email marketing is that everyone else is doing it too! Many people describe being inundated by marketing emails on a daily basis, and deletion without opening is a very common – if frustrating – end for carefully crafted marketing emails. There are many ways to avoid wasting your time this way, though, and here’s our simple guide to a better open rate:


Improve Your Click Through Rates:

1. Make your email stand out. You will know already that an email with a boring or standard subject line is unlikely to inspire interest. Something that is immediately interesting and noticeably different is key, although you must avoid looking like junk mail. Questions are often great at enticing readers to open an email, and announcements that draw readers in can be very successful too. You should also ensure that your emails come from a familiar and recognisable name, rather than an unknown sender that is likely to put readers off.

2. Send to the right people. You need to ensure that the people on your mailing list actually want to be there, and this can be checked with a permission reminder at the top of each email to remind users that they have shown interest in your brand and signed up to your list. You can also target specific groups within your mailing list with more directed messages, which should help to provide a more personal response.

3. Provide relevant content. When you’re building a network of followers who are interested in what you are offering, providing content that is relevant and current is very important. Take the time to consider the demographic you are targeting, and research their interests and favourites so that you can create the content they want. This is an excellent way to inspire brand loyalty and to develop your online presence positively.

4. Be consistent. You should let your readers know how often you will contact them, and then stick to this. Many businesses allow followers to choose whether to receive daily or weekly emails, which can help to ensure your frequency suits your contacts. Check out whether emails sent at a particular time are more likely to produce favourable results, and make sure you update your contact list on a regular basis.

5. Monitor your effectiveness. As with any form of marketing, all of your efforts are entirely pointless if you’re not keeping track of what is working and what is not. Tools are available to monitor your open rate and to check that your emails are not ending up in junk folders, and you can use analytics to examine what sorts of messages give you the best click through rates and the most successful interactions as a result.

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