Running your own business usually means you’re under pressure and anything you can do to ease the load and reduce your stress levels will help. Your email marketing is one area of your business management in which you can save some valuable time and effort without alienating your customers – and it can actually be a benefit when you realise that your potential customers are as pressed for time as you are!

Cutting down on the time you spend composing and sending marketing emails can be very useful when you’re aiming to maximise the time you can spend on other areas of your business. Identifying a clear mission statement and keeping this in mind whenever you create email content is a great way to focus your marketing and ensure that authenticity is the backbone of your business.


Here’s How to Save Time With Your Email Marketing

1.    Use a template. You can access a range of professional email templates if you take advantage of an email marketing service. Your messages will look professional and also build familiarity with your subscribers, so that your messages are instantly identifiable as something they are interested in. A branded template will give you the chance to add your logo, colours, fonts and footers, so you’ll be able to create great looking emails quickly and easily in future.

2.    Be brief. Recent, reassuring research shows that emails with 3 or fewer images and 20 lines of text get the highest click-through rates. The days of long, detailed messages with links and information are long gone, especially since most emails are now opened using a mobile device. A short email that is clear and succinct saves you and your reader time, and allows you to communicate your message much more effectively.

3.    Seize the moment. You need not worry about sending emails at the last minute – your final reminders are often the most successful emails. You can use your email marketing service to schedule messages for delivery at certain times, but sending out quick reminders about services, events or special offers can be a great way to promote your business quickly.

4.    Create emails on the go. Mobile technology can be extremely useful when you’re managing your marketing as part of your busy life. The Constant Contact mobile app allows you to create and schedule emails using your mobile device so you can set up good quality, mobile responsive emails without compromising the time you need to run your business.


Get Great Results With An Email Marketing Agency

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