Even though you may have built up quite a large database of potential customers, your offers and news isn’t going to appeal to your entire market.Sending out emails to those who may not connect with what you have to offer is a sure fire way to see an upsurge in un-subscribers. Instead it’s far better for your email marketing campaign to be targeting those who you know will be interested in what you have to offer. This way you can run different deals for different segments of your audience.

So just how do you go about segmenting your email marketing list?

Think about the type of email marketing campaign you are running and then think about who it would benefit most. For example, ask yourself if the product or service you’re promoting would better benefit men or women, old or young. Also think about location and if it would have an impact on those that purchase your products.

Here are some other ways that you can look at segmenting your list…

Interest based

Previous research conducted may tell you that certain segments of your email marketing list may have certain interests or pursuits. This being the case, your products or services may be of greater benefit to them.

Already clients

Prospects that have already purchased from you should be moved into a different segmented list. This prevents the embarrassing moment of knowing that you’ve just sent an email to them as if they were still a prospect.

Those with higher opening rates

Any subscribers who frequently open your emails as part of your email marketing campaign might also be segmented. This way you can look at testing other methods on them, to see what does and doesn’t work.

Purchased by product line

If your business has large numbers of products, you mat want to look at segmenting your list by means of product. This way it’s much easier to tailor make campaigns aimed directly at them.

Purchases made by price

Another way of segmenting your list is by the amount spent by each purchaser. This way you may want to tweak email letters differently to those with a higher rate of spend, than those with a lower spend rate.


Any customers that are on loyalty and VIP programs need to be remembered. Therefore any special or exclusive offers can be directed at them.

If you can direct your email marketing campaigns to the right people then segmentation can prove to be a powerful tool. However if you simply fire off a blanket email to those who may have no interest in your offer then ultimately you could be setting yourself up for failure.

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