The Irish government announced that Enterprise Ireland are opening a new call under the COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme starting Tuesday 4th May 2021.

Get Funding To Grow Your Business

To continue our commitment to helping retail businesses navigate these unprecedented times, we’re partnering with more local Irish businesses for the COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme.

We want to help you increase your online sales and re-energise your online marketing strategies for the year to come. Availing of the next round of funding from the Enterprise Ireland COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme could be the boost your business needs.

At ePresence, we have successfully partnered with clients on multiple Enterprise Ireland funding support schemes over the years. Helping them use the schemes to the best advantage for their business growth.

What’s On Offer?

With the retail sector in Ireland struggling to remain open and profitable during the pandemic, the scheme aims to boost businesses countrywide. 

The Enterprise Ireland COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme in 2020 was a huge success. Therefore Enterprise Ireland has opened a new call for round 3 of the COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme starting from Tuesday 4th of May 2021 with a closing date for applications of Tuesday 25th May at 12pm (noon). 

The Enterprise Ireland scheme offers to fund 80% of eligible activities. With the most significant grant available set at €40,000.

This scheme has already helped more than 300 Irish businesses with funding of €12 million. 

A Partner you Can Trust.

At ePresence, we were fortunate enough to be able to successfully partner with Irish retailers year-round. Helping businesses to review their websites and digital channels. Using the expertise of our teams, to help them improve sales. 

As a member of the Enterprise Ireland supplier panel, ePresence has successfully assisted clients with a number of different funding schemes. We’re always on the look out for ways to help our clients, supporting them with their funding applications is just one.

Get Ready Early!

We would urge anyone interested in applying for the grant to start the process of applying for the Enterprise Ireland COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme now.

40% of the evaluation criteria is based on the quality of the application and potential impact. So, your application must be perfect. We will work closely with you to prepare a powerful application for your business. We’ll also help you identify the best member of your team to act as the internal champion – a necessary step to help you succeed.

The last two rounds saw a considerable number of applications, with only half being successful. If you can, we urge you to start getting ready as early as possible.  

Retail Scheme Criteria

The criteria for 2021 has been confirmed. Enterprise Ireland makes the scheme available to business that fit into these criteria, amongst others.

An Irish-owned retail enterprise:

  • With ten or more full-time employees on a full-time equivalent basis
  • With the potential to sustain or create jobs, generate growth in online transactions and with an ambition to internationalise their business in future.
  • With an existing online presence (e.g. website or social media)

If your business is a part product and part service-based, this does not rule you out. The same goes for companies that are partly B2B and part B2C. Get in touch for details on how you fit into the retails scheme criteria.

Previous applicants who were unsuccessful will be eligible to re-apply.

Click here for a full list of Who can Apply for the COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme.

Eligible Activities

The great thing about this scheme is the scope of projects you can use it for. Just one of the reasons we encourage you to apply.  Eligible activities include research, strategy development, and implementation.  These activities might consist of an SEO audit, A/B split testing, sales analysis, or strategic digital marketing planning. 

At ePresence, we match your business needs with our expertise.

Brand Research 

Research is one of the fundamental benefits of the scheme. We uncovered some exciting details in the first round of the retail scheme. Many of the businesses that approached us about the scheme had never had an opportunity to take stock of their marketing, without the budget and know-how there had been no chance to thoroughly analyse their marketing before. They knew it was essential to be online, but not how to measure how that helped improve sales. 

We helped these businesses to understand what was and wasn’t working for them. This included looking closely at their online activity. Looking at:

  • How they used social media
  • How customers experienced their website
  • What other channels they were using. 

We then worked closely with our clients and identified areas of potential. Overall, there was a lot of untapped potential for these businesses. Things that we could easily remedy for them. No doubt, things that we could easily remedy for you.

Strategy Development

Following the discoveries made in the research stage, we moved on to strategy development. Having a strategy written and planned out for the months ahead makes online marketing a whole lot easier for a business. 

A defined strategy makes it easier to optimise your online presence fully. Making sure you reach more people and with the right message and in a way that they engage with. The Enterprise Ireland COVID-19 Retail Scheme encourages businesses to use the funding this way. 


Of course, there is no point in having a great plan if you can’t implement it. SEO improvements, web improvements, even enhancement of behind the scenes systems, are all eligible under this scheme. All in all, Enterprise Ireland want to help you improve the customer experience to increase sales.

Let’s Work Together

At ePresence, we have more than a decade of experience assisting Irish retail businesses with their digital marketing and online presence. Our retail clients include Aran Sweater Market, Foot Solutions, O’Crualaoi Butchers, Party World, Fota Wildlife Park, Killarney Celtic Jewellery and many more. 

Our teams in Cork and Tralee are experts in digital marketing. The ideal people to have on your team for improving search engine optimisation, developing strategies, improving the customer experience, and so much more.

To ensure that your business benefits from the Enterprise Ireland scheme, make sure to partner with ePresence.

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