Father’s Day Digital Marketing: 10 Expert Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Digital Marketing tips for Fathers Day

Father’s Day Digital Marketing: 10 Expert Ideas to Boost Your Sales

If you’re a marketing professional looking for ideas for your next marketing campaign, it’s always worth tying your efforts to a national special occasion. Linking your content with an event that millions relate to gives you a fresh angle that’s approachable and should drive sales whilst drawing in new customers too.


Fathers DayNational Event Marketing Ideas

Look ahead in the calendar and see which holidays are approaching that could drive customer engagement for your audience.

Father’s Day marketing campaigns are a great fit for many businesses, celebrating a relationship that is central to many people’s lives whilst boosting sales and giving you excellent content for your marketing channels.


Father’s Day in Ireland

In Ireland, Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June. Although it isn’t an official public holiday, Father’s Day gifts are commonly given to father figures, and most fathers would hope for some kind of recognition, whether that is being taken to a sports event, or simpler DIY projects being given by their offspring.


Father’s Day Marketing Ideas

At ePresence, we understand the importance of great digital marketing. We’re here to help guide your marketing campaigns and take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Here’s our expert guide to Father’s Day marketing campaigns – 10 ideas to connect with your customers and make more sales.


Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing should be at the heart of your online strategy. With algorithms and monetization increasingly dominating social media networks, your mailing list is one of your greatest assets and a much more reliable way to consistently reach your audience.

However, it’s important to avoid the trap of pushing your customers away with too many irritating emails. Instead, you need to find ways to connect with your readers on an emotional level, rather than making them feel bombarded by a sales pitch.

This is where a great Father’s Day marketing strategy comes in.

Most consumers will relate to a universal message, whether they are looking for perfect gifts for their father, they have some important father-like figures in their life, or they are a father themselves.

Use your email marketing campaign to invite your audience to celebrate Father’s Day with you, draw them in with a special memory or gift ideas – concentrate on creating the connection rather than pushing the sales.

Bonus tip: It’s vital to make your Father’s Day campaign as inclusive as possible. There will be those who find Father’s Day challenging due to a difficult relationship or grieving the passing of their father.

Sending an email allowing people to opt out of receiving Father’s Day emails is empathetic and will make people respect your brand.


Social Media Competitions

A free gift or potential prize is always a popular way to draw your audience in.

Try running a competition on your social media channels, asking people to submit a story about or photo of their dad.

You could further link this to your brand by being more specific – for instance, if you are a clothing retailer, suggest people send images of their dads wearing their favourite t-shirt; if the prize is a holiday, it could be funny stories about dads on holiday.

Good Father’s Day marketing hinges on building a two-way relationship with your audience – you listen to their stories, and they become emotionally connected to your brand.

In exchange for entering your competition, participants have to ‘like’ your pages, or perhaps join your mailing list (a strong way to begin converting them from casual social media followers to committed mailing list members and purchasing customers).

It’s a win-win for you – you get great and engaging content for little effort, and you drive traffic to your online channels.


Influencer Marketing

We live in the age of celebrity, and so this type of marketing has become ever more popular. The idea is that you partner with an influencer – someone with a large and engaged online following, who also has a following among your target audience. The influencer will promote your Father’s Day offering to their audiences across their online channels.

Customers find they can often relate to influencer figures, and it gives you a way to extend your existing audience as part of your Father’s Day marketing campaign.


Gift Guides

This is one of the simplest Father’s Day marketing ideas, but it can be highly effective.

Create a Father’s Day gift guide landing page or blog to highlight your product offering. If you have several target personas consider writing separate gift guides for each, for instance, “The best Father’s Day gifts for tech lovers”, “The perfect gift for your beer-drinking dad”, and “The ultimate guide to finding a sports fan’s favourite Father’s Day gift.

Those searching for Father’s Day gift ideas may well come across your website while they are hunting for ways to make their dad’s special day. Whether you can offer special outings or you’re selling a small gift item perfect for kids to offer, you can put it in your gift guide and enjoy helping customers whilst promoting your business.

While this is one of the easiest marketing ideas to implement, it can prove especially successful because people will appreciate the help of your gift guide when searching for the best Father’s Day gift ideas.


Embrace Your History

If you are a family store that has been passed down through the generations, consider writing an emotive social media post celebrating what your father and or grandfather (if applicable) achieved to make your store what it is today.

Some old photos of your dad back in the day or old photos of your physical store will get a great response from your followers. Or consider telling a personal story about Father’s Day from past years – the year you became a dad, or your first Father’s Day without your own dad.

This is a great example of using your unique business story to connect with your audience on a deeper level and build a lasting relationship.


Use Google Ads and PMAX

Whichever angle you decide to take with your Father’s Day digital marketing ideas, ensure you maximize your impact by extending the theme through your Google Ads campaigns and Google Performance Max. Update your PMAX headlines, descriptions, images and videos to reflect your Father’s Day marketing campaign.


Update Your Website Banners

If you’re going to conduct a Father’s Day marketing campaign, it’s important to do it properly. Remember to create some special imagery and extend your Father’s Day branding across all of your online presence. Coordinating colours and themes across your website landing page and social media channels not only looks professional and gives cohesion to your campaign, but it also helps drive the message home to your audience.


Discount Code Giveaway

Everybody loves a freebie. The best Father’s Day marketing will draw in customers by creating a sense of occasion – reminding them that this is a special outing, to be celebrated with your discount code.

Your audience will be incentivized to buy using the discount code, but you will also be driving up customer satisfaction levels, as everyone likes to feel that they have scored a bargain!

Once you’ve set up your discount code, remember to promote it across all of your channels, from social media to your email marketing, and even use Google Ads to get the word out there.



The bundling idea works in a similar way to the discount code.

By creating a special bundle of Father’s Day-themed gifts, you are offering customers a convenient solution to their need for a gift, plus giving them the pleasure of getting a good deal.

Last-minute shoppers will love being able to pick up several coordinating items in one place.

On your part, you are extending your audience and drawing more people into your online stores.


Remarketing campaigns

Capitalize on interest previously shown by users of Google and social media, by conducting remarketing campaigns.

While potential customers may previously have enjoyed browsing your online offering, it might be that your Father’s Day marketing campaign is the final link in the chain that persuades them to purchase.

Perhaps you stock just the right gift for their father figures, or your greeting cards take just the perfect tone for their fathers-in-law.

Whatever it is, you stand a much better chance of marketing your products successfully to those who have already shown an interest in your business.


Give Your Business A Boost With Father’s Day Marketing Campaigns

If you’re looking for inspiration and marketing campaign ideas, connecting with a national event such as Father’s Day can give you a real boost. There are many Father’s Day marketing ideas that can benefit your business – just keep in mind your target audience, and remember to extend your campaign ideas cohesively throughout your online presence.


Do You Need Help With Your Digital Marketing?

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