One of the most important rules when you’re producing your website, blogs or advertising is that your content must be relevant and engaging. Keeping it so at all times can be an overwhelming thought, and it can be difficult to justify the amount of time needed to get the results you want.

Don’t despair, because there are some excellent ways to re-use the content you have already created, and increase its potential to work for you. Re-purposing articles and images that have worked for you in the past can be a very economical and effective way to market yourself, and here’s our quick guide to doing this successfully:

Re-Purpose Your Content To Engage Your Audience


  1. Work out what you want.

    Set out what you want to happen as a result of the content you produce. More leads? Higher conversion rates? Building your brand identity? Whatever you hope to achieve, be clear about this and ensure that it is measurable using analytics that can show whether your strategy is working or not.

  2. Make a plan.

    Rotating and reworking content must be done cleverly to ensure you don’t obviously repeat yourself. Ensure that you keep a good plan or calendar of what topics you have covered and in which formats, noting when and where these are published. This will allow you to ensure your content stays fresh and to re-purpose content that you have used previously at the optimum time.

  3. Who are you targeting?

    Don’t forget that different content works for different people, and looking at your ideal demographic will help you to work out what sort of re-purposing will appeal to them. Listen to what your audience wants, and see what sort of content – on your website and those of your competitors – has performed best. This will help you to identify the topic and theme that will suit your followers best.

  4. Change your format.

    Have you ever created a video that was useful or popular with your audiences? The chances are that you could create at least one blog post or article from the content you used, and that your followers would love it. Some people prefer written formats, while some love visual ads, so trying out different formats for your most popular content can help you to reach many more people.

  5. Try new platforms.

    You are probably already advertising across social media platforms and via email marketing – and if you’re not, you should be! However, building connections with your followers and ensuring that you’re producing content that works for them will be vital to the success of your digital marketing strategy. Promote your content widely and experiment with what works best, and take your business forward with less stress.

Digital Marketing Success In Ireland

If you believe that your content could be re-purposed to improve your conversion rate, talk to us about your digital marketing strategy. Here at ePresence, we’re on hand to help, and we will work with you to create the best outcomes for your business.

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