Content is king! It’s a phrase that every internet marketer will probably be familiar with, but the king’s crown can soon tarnish and slip when Google does not consider content unique, so getting content indexed faster that the competition is a definite must for any marketer hoping for online success. Will it help you rule your chosen niche? Maybe not, but it should ensure your content is not benefiting the competition.

What is Unique Content?

When someone creates a webpage or blog post that details their own opinions or experiences—or relies on their own research—they have created unique content. Unique content is good. Quality unique content is even better and sites that regularly publish quality unique content should have an advantage over sites that do not, but it is important that search engines realize where the fresh content originated.

Whenever search engine spiders discover something new they automatically assume that it originated where they first found it and credit the content accordingly.

That can be a problem.

If the owner of SITE A publishes fresh content, but the search engine spider does not visit their site for a few days (or weeks), their unique content could be up for grabs. If the owner of SITE B copies it, and SITE B is indexed daily, the search engine spider will undoubtedly gain their first exposure to the content when it visits SITE B. In fact, if SITE B is set up correctly it could even pull the content from SITE A‘s RSS feed and republish it almost instantly.

Fetch as Google and Get Your Content Indexed Faster

There are several ways that content creators can get their content indexed faster than the competition, but the quickest and simplest way is probably to use Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster tools has a function called “Fetch as Google” and fetching a page as Google can result in the page being indexed very fast indeed—often almost instantly. The best thing about it? It’s incredibly simple to use, but a Google Webmaster Tools account is necessary. If you don’t have one you can get one here.

Index Your Content Faster in 5 Simple Steps

1. Log into Google webmaster Tools.
2. Find “Crawl” in the navigation panel at the left of the page.

Get Indexed Faster by Fetching as Google

 3. Open the drop down menu and select “Fetch as Google”.

4. Paste the desired URL into the “fetch box” and press the red “fetch button”.

5. Select “URL” in the pop-up box and then press “OK”.

Congratulations you’ve just got your content indexed faster and this process is good for 500 URLs each week.