Email is a great way to reach a broad base of potential customers.  Most people use a smartphone or tablet (or both), and they rely on those devices to check their email dozens of times every day.

This gives you the opportunity to reach your customers directly, wherever they are.  Using email marketing keeps you in frequent contact with those customers.  Here are some of the benefits of email marketing in Ireland.

Email Marketing Allows You to Segment Your Customer Base

Email marketing allows you to segment your customer base.  Simply put, this means that you can market specific items directly to specific groups of people who may be interested in those items.  For example, let’s say that you own a clothing store.

You don’t necessarily want to advertise a sale on skirts to the men in your customer database, so a marketing strategy directed to all customers would be wasted on many of them.  When you use email marketing, you can set up segmented lists of customers by interest.  Then, you can use email campaigns to alert women to sales on skirts, and alert men to sales on suit coats.

You can divide your customer base into lists based on any consumer data that you have, including basic demographic information, customer interest, and more.

Email Marketing Gives You Feedback on What Interests Customers

Another benefit of email marketing is that it gives you feedback on what interests your customers.  Let’s say that you own a sporting goods store, and you send an email to all of the golfers in your customer database about a new line of golf clubs and golf shoes.

If the link to the golf clubs gets many clicks from customers but the golf shoes get very few clicks from customers, then you know that your customers are more interested in golf clubs than shoes.

Armed with this information, you know that you can focus less on golf shoes in both your marketing strategy and your purchasing decisions.  This customer feedback is a valuable and powerful tool that informs your business decisions.

Email Marketing Helps You Keep Your Customers’ Attention

Sometimes business owners worry that their email marketing is bothersome to customers.  Don’t worry about that; your customers signed up for your email services, which means they gave you permission to email them.

When you send frequent email marketing campaigns, you keep your customers’ attention.  Even if they don’t visit your site and buy something each time, the visibility of your campaign keeps your business in their mind.  When the customer is ready to buy something, they are more likely to think of your business since they see your emails popping up in their inbox.

Email Marketing Builds Sales

The ultimate goal of an email marketing campaign is to increase sales, and that is exactly what it will do.  Many customers purchase a product because they received an email alerting them to a sale.  And in many cases, customers who did not intend to even go into a store, much less buy anything, will make a trip to a store and make a purchase as the result of an email that they received advertising a sale or a product.  Email marketing gets results.

If you are interested in learning more about how email marketing can help your business increase sales, contact Epresence Online Marketing.  We can set up an email marketing campaign for you that provides you with important feedback and marketing information, keeps you in contact with your customers, and builds sales plus high conversion.