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Are you visible to customers who are looking for a business like yours?

The Internet has changed beyond recognition over the last decade. It’s no longer possible to launch a website and just cross your fingers, hoping for people to find it online.

More than 500,000 new websites are created every day. In such a competitive landscape businesses who can’t be found by their target customers online are at a major disadvantage.

The first page of Google search results shows the 10 websites Google think are most relevant for the keyword search that has been made. Does Google think your website is relevant?

Download our free SEO guide to unlock the secrets to getting your business found on Google.

  • Learn how to find the keywords that your customers are using to find businesses like yours in Google

  • Learn how easy it is to check the keywords your website is ranking in search engines for and how to evaluate where improvements are required

  • Understand the 12 critical factors of on-page SEO and why these are important for every webpage on your site

  • Follow an easy tip for improving your SEO visibility to get you more leads and attention from customers in your local area

  • Learn why good quality content on your website is so important and how you need to take time to review your content and ensure that it suits your target audience


We at Connect Promotions specialize in the supply of a wide range of branded promotional products and have worked with John Brennan and ePresence to establish and advance our online presence. Since teaming up with John over a year ago we have been very pleased with both the results achieved and the supportive working relationship we have in place. I am happy to recommend John Brennan and ePresence to any business looking to pursue a professional online presence.

Trabolgan Holiday Village have been working with ePresence on various marketing campaigns over the last few months. During this time their team, in particular, Gillian have been a fantastic help and support. They have clearly understood our goals and are focused on achieving the best results from each campaign that we have run and plan to run in the future. They have advised, helped and guided us to ensure that all our campaigns have been a great success.

Excelsys Technologies is a fast growing power electronics company based in Cork. Working with John and the team at ePresence, we have greatly improved our website content and google ranking, resulting in greater relevant traffic to our website. The development of our e-commerce capability by ePresence was professionally managed and executed and the continuous Follow-up service has been excellent.

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