Here’s How to Leave a Google Review Without a Google+ Account.

When you’re running a business, local reviews can make a huge difference to your potential customers and put you well ahead of the competition. It’s always important to ask your satisfied customers for feedback, but it’s especially important to make sure the way that you ask leads to good quality, reliable feedback that is available to others who may decide to use your services.

Google reviews are a useful tool in business, largely because they are so accessible and may be the first thing a potential customer sees about your business. It’s actually fairly complicated to leave a review using a computer, though, and the fact that you need to have a Google+ account means that many happy customers are unable to leave a review quickly and easily.

Until now:

Use the Google Maps app.

All Android users and most iPhone owners have the Google Maps app at their fingertips. This app is downloaded millions of times every year, and it’s on all Android phones as standard so the potential customer base is huge, and it’s easy to use.

google_maps iphone

Search for a business.

It only takes a few seconds to search for the place you want to review, whether it’s a restaurant, a store or a home-based business. Your business will appear on the map, identified by the infamous Google pin.

noel deasy

Rate and review.

You’ll see that below the listing is a section for review summary, where you can leave your feedback. If you have any kind of Google account, including gmail, YouTube or Google Play, you’ll already be signed in to Google maps and won’t have to fill in your details. Simply make a star rating and then you’ll be given the full option to comment

star rating noel deasy

Click finished to publish.

Once you’ve written your review, simply click “finished” to publish it on the web. And now that you know how easy it is to do, you’ll be able to encourage your customers to leave you reviews in the same way.

final review nd

Essential Tips to Get Great Reviews

Never pay for reviews. It’s illegal and simply not acceptable business practice.

  1. Begin by asking your happiest customers to leave reviews for you. Ask your customers if they enjoyed their service, follow that up with: “Would you mind leaving us a review on Google Maps?”
  2. Put up a small card at your cash desk or on the tables of your restaurant. Direct iPhone users to this link to download / view Google Maps:
  3. Get your staff motivated to increase your Google reviews by offering an incentive to the team member who can get the most reviews in a day/week/month depending on the scale of your business.

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