Most business owners today recognise the importance of having a website. Like the telephone, it is a necessary tool that your customers simply expect you to have. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your products or services locally, nationally or even internationally. What you may not realise however is that a bad website can actually cost you business rather than attract new customers. The importance of good Website Design/Development cannot be stressed enough. Let’s face it; most people don’t really know what constitutes great website design/development.  Surprisingly, some judge the website by the amount of flash and glitter present on the home page!  Working with an internet marketing consultant ensures you’ll cut through that flash and glitter and align yourself with design principles that actually work. 

We should think of our website as an employee who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ultimately driving our business forward and increasing our revenues. Busy looking websites, poorly written webpage copy, missing or mixed sales messages, hiding contact details, lack of search engine optimisation – these are areas that companies still fall down on today.

An internet marketing specialist can help you design a great looking website that works for your visitor and works for your business. When choosing a company to build your website, it is important to choose a company that is established and has stood the test of time.  Avoid the college student or the ‘Fred in the Shed’ website developers.   Although they may promise ‘a cheap website’, they often cannot be found once the website is completed and generally don’t have the business experience to align themselves with the objectives of your company.

Before you hire your Website Developer, remember to ask: –    Will my website include a Content Management System? (to allow you to update your website yourself going forward) –    Will my website include Analytics? (to allow you to see statistics/behaviours of visitors to your site) –    Can I read reviews from your previous clients? –    Can I see samples of your previous work? Contact www, for excellent Website Design/DevelopmentInternet Marketing and Consulting Services.  WSI specialises in providing personalised, affordable Internet Solutions that deliver maximum return to small and medium sized businesses.