Whether or not you’ve used Google AdWords in your marketing strategy before, you should be aware of the exciting new feature recently introduced for advertisers: Customer Match.

Customer Match works with existing mailing lists and allows businesses to develop specific advertising campaigns that target their prime audiences effectively. It is designed to target existing customers and potential customers who have shown an interest in the brand, as well as appealing to new customers with similar interests.


What do I Need to Know About Google Customer Match?

The way in which Google Customer Match generates campaigns is based on a variety of components that allow it to make the most of your contacts. If you are overwhelmed by the concept, don’t forget that a marketing agency such as ePresence can help to set up campaigns and bring all these benefits to your business.


Here’s how it works:

•    It uses past purchase history. Information stored about the purchases made by the people on your email list should allow you to target your advertising to them based on this knowledge.

•    It relates to customer behaviour online. For example, if a potential customer has been to your website and put items into a shopping cart or basket but left the site without making a purchase, they are showing a clear interest in your products or services and may be interested in further contact or offers from you. Customer Match makes the most of these connections to drive specific marketing campaigns more effectively.

•    It makes the most of cross-selling. Market research allows for campaigns that target existing customers via linked sales, aiming to sell additional products or services to an existing customer. Products can be related or complementary, or can be based on customer preferences and links made by email data.

•    It uses email addresses and user sign ins. Similar retargeting features have previously used cookies, which are easy for customers to block or avoid in the mobile technology platform, especially. The email addresses and user sign in details that are used by Customer Match are more reliable across all devices and so create a much more effective campaign base.

•    It can be used to create similar audiences. Having an initial list of interested parties can allow the generation of similar email lists with similar online profiles. Targeting your marketing towards these groups is a good way to make the most of online purchaser profiling and is very simple with Customer Match.


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