Earlier this month, Google announced that they’re upgrading AdWords by introducing enhanced campaigns, which is geared to help you better manage campaigns in today’s multi-device environment.

With enhanced campaigns, instead of having to compare several separate campaigns, reports and ad extensions, everything is easily managed in one single place.

Enhanced Campaigns – Key Features Overview

  1. Powerful marketing tools for the multi-device world
    End users want to be shown search results that are influenced by the context they are in – what device they are using, where they are, the time of day, etc. Enhanced campaigns will provide better tools to manage these needs – managing your campaigns and budgets to suite the multi-device world.
  2. Smarter ads optimized for varying user contexts
    As users move between the office, home and being on the go – their needs will change and so should your ads.  With enhanced campaigns, you’ll show ads across devices with the right ad text, sitelink, app or extension, without having to edit each campaign for every possible combination of devices, location and time of day.
  3. Advanced reports to measure new conversion types
    In the past the only action that someone could take on your ads was to click through to your site. Today technology is enable people to have more options – they might download an app, or “click to call”. Enhanced Campaigns make it easier for you to measure and compare these interactions and see them as conversions in your reports.
Enhanced Campaigns will roll out as an option over the next few weeks and Google plans to upgrade all campaigns by mid-2013.

Click here to read the announcement on Google’s Official Blog.