For many starting a website or service, the upfront cost of a professional web designer can seem like a hugely off putting prospect, often leading people to opt for cheaper alternatives.

This is hugely understandable – for something so basic and fundamental, the cost of a well-designed website can seem decidedly un-basic and un-fundamental.

A well-designed website, however, requires significant expertise – expertise that commands a fee. Rather than asking yourself how much you can afford to splash on a really great website, you should be asking what a really great website is worth – both to you personally, and your business or service. Odds are the answer is, yes, a lot.


A well-designed website is an investment

It is best not to think of a website as a one-off expense – yes, you usually have to pay for it in one lump sum, but the gains are not reflected in one installment – its worth is something that will grow, and continue to add value to you and your business/service etc.

A good website will generate traffic and with that, opportunities. A bad or lazy website will not maintain itself, accruing additional future costs, and probably costing you more in the long run. Speaking of…


Good designs have a longer lifespan

Good designs are adaptable designs that last considerably longer than their cheaper counterparts. While the reduced cost of a cheap website may seem appealing off the bat, with the reduced cost comes an expiry date.

Websites are a non-negotiable aspect of most services or businesses these days, so why leave yourself in a position where you will have to navigate your way through this dilemma again in the near future?

A well designed website will have a longer lifespan, leaving you to reap the benefits without worry of confronting the need for a new website anytime soon.


Well-designed sites offer higher conversion rates

Expert web designers know how to design a website with the needs of the user in mind. Users want convenience, simplicity and minimum effort and fuss.

A user’s interaction with a website, from your perspective, is a transaction. The better designed your website, the more likely this transaction is to take place.

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