How To Convert Your Customers Into Buyers With 5 Easy Website Design Tips

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5 Easy Website Design Tips

Good website design is paramount when it comes to turning your potential customers into buyers. It could be that you have all the correct marketing procedures in place in order to drive a plethora of traffic to your site, yet once they arrive, they simply aren’t buying.

Past studies have shown that a website only has around 8 seconds to hook a potential customer and as a result getting the website design right is absolutely vital. Therefore how then do you go about turning lookers into buyers in such a short space of time?

Here are 5 Website Design tips to help improve your online conversion.

Colour and imagery

Effective use of colours and imagery in Website Design cannot be underestimated. The right style of colours and imagery can not only help to build brand awareness, but can also resonate with your specified target audience. For instance, if your potential target market is a younger crowd, then it might pay to use bright funky colours and imagery. If on the other hand your brand is all about sleek, state of the art design, then a clean, crisp modernist approach may be the way forward. Always keep in mind the end user.

Desired layout

How you lay out your website may hinge upon the type of person you are looking to attract. For instance a younger target market is far more likely to be drawn to visuals and animation over text and will place higher emphasis on finding what they need, as quickly as possible. Alternatively a slightly older audience is in all probability more forgiving and is happy to sift through a degree of text as long as they can eventually find what they are looking for – and may look for more detail before they are willing to commit. For this reason, placing trigger points that will appeal to your target audience in the Website Design is key.

Don’t hide contact details

When it comes to website design, many people make the mistake of placing that all important contact form and contact number solely on a ‘contact us’ page. If this page isn’t instantly accessible, people aren’t going to hang around. If on the other hand you put your contact details on every page, it makes you immediately far more visible to your target audience. Doing something as simple as this has in the past been known to achieve significant results.

Carefully crafted text

If there’s one thing that puts people off when visiting a website, it’s when they’re confronted with reams and reams of text. A web page shouldn’t be like a book as your typical reader is more than likely going to scan a page. This is true even of an older audience who are more forgiving of text. Therefore try to split text up with bullet points, adopt a ‘to the point’ approach and deliver catchy titles and sub-headings.

Effective call to action

Due to the short time frame that a website has in order to capture a reader’s attention, a great website designneeds to be such that it can give the reader exactly what they are looking for, in as short a time as possible. By stating what your service or business can do for them as early on as possible and then clearly communicating the “next step” with a strategically placed and effective call to action, you will greatly increase the opportunity to turn a potential customer into a definite buyer.

So there you have it! 5 great tips on how to improve your website design, in order to turn your visitors into cash buyers.

If your website design just isn’t converting for you, contact us today to see exactly how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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