Our Top 5 Keyword Research Tools For Your Business 2021

 We have discovered at ePresence Digital Marketing that many businesses assume they know what their customers search for online. You are the expert in your products and services, and we don’t doubt that. However, we urge all business owners to use keyword research tools.

Keyword tools take the guessing out of your digital marketing efforts. Making for a more efficient use of budget, more accurate results and a higher number of customers reached.

Recently, our digital marketing experts sat down to talk about everything SEO Cork and came up with these keyword tooltips. We also put together a free guide with even more tips, keep reading for information on where to download it.

Five Keyword Facts To Keep In Mind

  1. Keywords can also be phrases.

    Keywords aren’t always single words; specific word combinations can also be keywords (sometimes referred to as key phrases). For example, ‘marketing’, ‘cork’ and ‘agency’ are all keywords but so is ‘Digital Marketing Cork agency’.

  2. Keyword popularity changes.

    Review your keywords regularly. Depending on trends and seasons, keyword popularity can change. In 2020 searches for ‘home desk’ spiked in popularity in Ireland with so many people suddenly working from home. Reviewing your keywords means that you can stay on top of relevant trends whilst continuing to produce effective evergreen content.

  3. Keywords have multiple uses.

    Keyword planning tools are useful for understanding which keywords need to be included in webpages for better search engine ranking. Following keyword trends is also helpful for sparking ideas for content creation, such as social media campaigns and blog posts.

  4. SEO Never Stops

    OK, not strictly a keyword fact but something to keep in mind all the same. There is no one-off activity that will set up your SEO for life.

    Like keywords, the parameters of SEO are always changing. In part, this is down to changes made by search engine providers like Google. Over the years, Google has changed what they deem as necessary for SEO. Things like mobile optimisation and local SEO have become more relevant to how this tech giant ranks websites in search results along with keyword optimising.

    Changes to your competitor’ activities and customers’ behaviour also mean your SEO efforts will never stop. If a competitor starts ramping up their efforts, you will need to match their actions. Likewise, if customers start looking for products somewhere you don’t offer them, your SEO activities will need to change to ensure they find you.

  5. The right keywords improve Local SEO

    When you offer a service or product in a particular locality, then Local SEO is a must. Using our business as an example, at ePresence, we want to be found when people search for ‘Digital Marketing Cork’ online.  This helps us reach potential customers who want to work with a local digital marketing agency. For this reason, we factor in keywords relevant not only to digital marketing but to the location too. So remember that when it comes to Local SEO ‘Cork’ or ‘Kerry’ etc matter too.

Our Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Let’s start with a free tool. Google Keyword Planner is accessible to anyone with a Google Ads account which is also free to set up.

Using Google Keyword Planner gives you the opportunity to discover new keywords for upping your SEO game. This is a great place to get started as it gives you more accurate insights into what people are searching for. This tool will also let you see how many searches a keyword gets per month.

Using Google Keyword Planner is as simple as typing in your product or service type. In return, you will see all related keywords. You will also be able to see how often they are searched and how high competition is for each keyword.

Keyword Tool.io (Free to a point)

An alternative to Google’s keyword planner, Keyword Tool.io works in a slightly different way. This keyword provides you with a list of popular search questions using autocomplete. Here is how keyword Tool.io helped improve the digital marketing of a Cork based business.

Case Study: When looking at improving their digital marketing, a Cork based bakery wanted to let more people know that they offered deliveries locally.  Using Keyword Tool.io, they researched ‘cake delivery Cork’ and found what people were actually searching for. The more specific customer search questions turned out to be ‘birthday cake deliver Cork’ and ‘online cake delivery cork‘. The latter result told them that customers want to purchase these orders via a website. With help from ePresence, the bakery adjusted its website for online orders and also improved their SEO for Cork specific results.

Term Explorer (From $34)

Term Explorer goes further than helping you research just what keywords to use. It also tells you how those keywords are being used by your competitors. Giving you insights into the average page length that competitors use and how many links they have on each page. This kind of detail helps you use keywords to strategically compete with competitor digital marketing efforts.

Term Explorer also analyses the keywords used by the sites that show up on page one of search engine results. Letting you know what your competitors are doing differently to get ahead of you in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

For advice on getting ahead of your competitor’s SEO and digital marketing, in Cork or anywhere in Ireland, contact ePresence today.

Google Trends (Free)

Google Trends is more visual than other keyword research tools, making it perfect for anyone not keen on data.

Google Trends lets you compare the popularity of keywords in specific regions and within specific time periods. You can also filter by type of search. This lets you research how a keyword has performed in Google Shopping or YouTube, for instance.

Google Trends will also show you what general topics are trending in search. Keep an eye on this trend tool for relevant trends that you can exploit to benefit your SEO.

SEMrush (From $119)

As you would expect from one of the more expensive keyword tools on offer, SEMrush does more than keyword research.

SEMrush is the tool for doing SEO-battle with your strongest competitors for the top search result spots. SEMrush will tell you what sources your competitors get their traffic from. You can find out competitor social media results and measure the strength of their SEO Efforts.

This SEO mega-tool will also audit your web pages and tell you what improvements to make for SEO. On top of the analysis features, SEMrush lets you manage social media posts and articles directly from your account. This takes away the need for multiple scheduling and analysis tools.

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