When you’re promoting your business online, the vital question is whether enough people are viewing your site and becoming leads you can follow up with. Not everyone who visits a website will make a purchase or commit to a business, but if most of your visitors are leaving your site without connecting with your businesses, or if you’re not getting much traffic to your website at all, there may be something going wrong.



How to Improve Lead Generation for Your Business:

  1. Do the math.Traffic x conversion rate = leads. This means that there are two important factors when you want to increase the amount of leads you are getting: 1) amount of traffic, and 2) your conversion rate. Increasing either of these will increase the number of leads.
  2. Go for quality.Simply increasing traffic with random viewers will not help at all, since traffic needs to be relevant and good quality. There are many ways to draw in new audiences who already have a connection with your content, such as blogging, social media marketing, email marketing and referral traffic, as well as good old search engine optimization (SEO). Choose your tactics carefully. For example, companies who blog generate at least 55% more website traffic than those who don’t.
  3. Look at the details.Run some simple tests on your website and analyse the results to see how viewers behave on your website. Factors such as the colour or wording of call to action buttons, or visual layout on the page, can dramatically influence the conversion rate of a website.
  4. Use social proof.People follow the actions of others when they are given evidence that it they are making successful choices, so testimonials and case studies on your website lead to more conversions because they act as references for your services or products.
  5. Add micro-conversions. Only having one ‘contact us’ form means you only have one conversion opportunity on your website. Creating new opportunities for conversion, such as offers of free PDFs in return for contact details, for example, means that you increase your chances of converting potential leads.


Using conversion tools that are specifically designed to help to convert viewers into customers can help in your digital marketing strategy. Options such as webchat, email capture such as Optimonk, or lead harvesting, such as Lead Forensics, can all be useful tools when you want more conversions on your site.


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