Internet marketing is the kind of process that needs to take its time to simmer and brew before any real results become visible. However, nearly one-half of all transactions and three-quarters of opens and clicks happen within in the first day of e-mail receipt, according to recent research by Expert CheetahMail. These findings support the power and nearly instant gratification of e-mail marketing. Just how we tap into this magic and what the content of our emails should be are the big questions. With eye-catching content, time-limited offers and special coupons for email users, a little good-natured persistence in the form of email marketing can bring you and your business instant revenue.

Timely and unique content is the first step to high clickability.

Across all marketing platforms, the things that get a second look are those that are shiny and fun. This where your strong branding and unique voice has a chance to shine. Your logo and signature colors should be strongly recognizable represented in the body of the message. People should get the sense that they are being welcomed into your business via email. Knowledgeable and interesting content is key. No one will scroll down to cash in on that special offer if the wording is a boring and drab. Staying conversational and excited will help your clients stay awake and remember you in the sea of marketing emails.

Build a Customer Base

The study found that emails with unique deals for clients were big winners. So big, in fact that a reported 59 percent of time-limited offers yielded transactions in the first day. Coupons brought in a lower first day number at 31 percent but the number grew over time. The lesson here is that by rewarding our customers for opening the email, we’re not only building a client base but insuring that users will be clicking again to see if there’s another deal inside your next email.

Stay Dedicated to Email Marketing!

The final email marketing mantra is an oldie, but a goodie: Never give up. E-mail marketing, even with its instant results, can take time. As with any marketing strategy, email marketing requires diligence; the businesses that strike gold with it are the ones who keep doing it. As your email marketing practice becomes regular, your results are sure to follow. Learn more about how WSI can help you get instant results through e-mail marketing.