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There are many online tools that companies can utilise to spread the word about their business and one of these is a LinkedIn Company Page. LinkedIn is by far the largest social media site for professionals in the world and as a result it has more than 120 million members. This makes it the ideal platform in which companies can demonstrate their expertise and more importantly showcase their business.

The Biggest Customer Acquisition Mistake
Having a professionally styled LinkedIn Company Page that’s coherent with your business brand can be a really effective way of marketing, but surprisingly it is somewhat underused. In essence, it allows you to promote your products, services and special offers to a large and targeted audience via your personalised and branded LinkedIn Company Page, whilst utilising a variety of promotional tools.

So how should you go about harnessing the power of your LinkedIn Company Page? Here are some pointers…

Create the LinkedIn Company Page and complete the basic information – Assuming that you have a LinkedIn account, your LinkedIn Company Page can be set up in minutes, and the basic information can be added very easily. If have any problems, I’d suggest having a look at the LinkedIn Help – LinkedIn Pages FAQs. If you’re still having trouble with this, give me a call and we will help.

Maximise the overview/cover image page –A virtually blank page is going to be a turn off for any potential customer. Therefore, it’s vital for any business that they fill in their company details on the overview page. This is the point where as a business owner you can really sell your company, so make the text interesting and snappy and in addition utilise the cover image, to really tell people what your company is all about.

Products and services tab – Many companies neglect this area of the LinkedIn Company Page – and really it should be one of the most important areas. This is where you get to tell prospects what you do. It might be advisable to think a little outside of the box and instead of simply listing your products and services, look at spicing it up with advertising forthcoming company webinars and free e-books pertaining to your business, all of which will allow you to generate great leads. In addition, the page allows you to create targeted products aimed towards a specific audience or target demographic. Simply utilise the ‘content targeting‘ feature and you’re up and running.

Enabling company updates – This is a key part of marketing and by enabling these, you are able to spread the word about your business to all your followers. In addition it is vital that you maintain and update regularly. Whether this is linked to information from your blog/news or simply updates entered directly to the LinkedIn Company Page – this is how you let followers and new visitors to the page know what is happening in the company.

Get your employees properly linked to your LinkedIn Company Page – Once your page is set up, it is important that all of your employees who are on LinkedIn are properly connected to your company page. If an employee has there account set up before the company page is in place, they may need to go back to their own profile and re-enter/select their current company. When you view your company page you can see the employees that are properly linked.

Attract followers – Once you have all of this in place, you want to encourage people to visit your LinkedIn Company Page. By adding follow buttons to your company website or blog, businesses can build up a foundation for any marketing, promotions or company activities that they care to do. In addition they can spread the word to all of their followers on other social networking sites.

Requesting recommendations – This is where you can contact previous customers and get them to provide a testimonial of your business. They can simply go to the Products and Services tab of your LinkedIn Company Page and add a recommendation for the service that they have used. It goes without saying that companies with on-page testimonials are more likely to receive interest than those who don’t.

Be creative – Recent changes have resulted in your LinkedIn Company Page being more customisable. So it is advisable to use this to your advantage. Why not add a great video or an info-graphic about your business or get a banner ad designed that will grab the attention of readers.

Using a LinkedIn Company Page to its full potential can bring opportunities for large and small businesses alike to create their own unique brand that will inevitably stand them apart from the crowd. As a result, these company pages on LinkedIn should be an important part of any business’s online marketing strategy.

If you want to know more about how a LinkedIn Company Page can help your business, then contact us at ePresence today.

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