LinkedIn is a valuable resource for those in business and is a cross between a CV and an online contacts list. It’s a great way to forge new business relationships and grow your client base. However in order to grow your profile and generate those all important leads then you need to carry out some LinkedIn marketing. Here are 7 tips to help:

Complete your LinkedIn profile

Although it may seem a little obvious, one of the most important aspects of marketing yourself is to make sure that you fully complete your profile. It’s likely to be the first place that potential prospects come to check you out and an unfinished or incomplete profile doesn’t give off a professional impression. Fill out relevant information about you, your qualifications, past experience and add a photo. One thing to bear in mind is that you should really be writing it with the reader (prospect) in mind.

Ask and you shall receive

Any recommendations are important to potential customers, so if you’ve carried out work for a client, then don’t be afraid to ask for a recommendation. A couple of good recommendations will give a lot of credence to you and is likely to improve your chances of building up a great client base. They’re easy to request and in return really easy to give.

Set up a company page

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It’s surprising the amount of companies that don’t actually have a company page. It creates a really professional image for your organisation and is a great way to carry out LinkedIn marketing. It’s easy and quick to set up and there’s absolutely no excuse not to have one.

Don’t forget to tell them what you do

One you’ve set up a company page don’t forget to add your products and services. Nine times out of ten you’ll already have this information to hand on your website or company literature anyway, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to transfer across. As with your personal profile, it’s advisable to always ask past or existing clients for recommendations on your services or products too.

Keep it current

Just like other social media channels you need to keep it updated. Try to add updates on your company and personal profile pages at regular intervals, Whether this is a daily, weekly or monthly occurrence isn’t important but try to set a level of activity and stick to it.

Keep an eye on who’s watching you

The good thing about LinkedIn is that it lets you know when someone has viewed your profile. As a result if a prospective client or company has viewed your profile, then this could be a good time to reach out and connect with them.

You’ve gotta network!

To all intent and purpose LinkedIn is predominantly a networking tool and a way to carry out great LinkedIn marketing and grow your contact list and client base is to actually network. Spend time each week going through recommended connections and connect with those people. A word of warning…don’t try to make random connections with people that you don’t know, as it could be classed as spamming and risk you getting blocked by LinkedIn.

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