Whenever anyone does an online search they rely on keywords to deliver the results they require and more specific keyword combinations (long tail keywords) tend to deliver more accurate results. This is very useful for people performing online searches and also offers many benefits to savvy internet marketers.


Someone who has just bought a new car might, for instance, go online and do a search using the simple keywords “car insurance”. At the time of writing Google UK returns 219 million results for that keyword so there is plenty of choice. Refining the search further, “Car insurance Dublin” returns 12.3 million results. That’s still a lot results, but they are more likely to be relevant to a car driver living in Dublin that the 200 million+ results that have been dropped. If the car in question happens to be a classic car, a search for “Classic Car insurance Dublin” returns 663,000 results that are instantly recognizable as being more appropriate for a Dublin based classic car enthusiast:

Long Tail Keywords

Marketing Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

“Classic Car insurance Dublin” is a good example of a long tail keyword. The car insurance niche is a lucrative one. This makes it a very competitive niche, so it is hard to get a site to rank highly in the SERPS for the simple keyword “car insurance” and using the such a keyword in a pay per click (PPC) campaign would be expensive. Refining the keyword can make a big difference. Car insurance companies and their affiliates all over the world are trying to rank for “Car Insurance”. Few of them will find Dublin drivers to be of particular interests and of those that do fewer still will be keen to specifically attract the attention of classic car owners. This means there will be fewer sites trying to rank for the long tail keyword “classic car insurance Dublin” and less PPC competition (making the price per click lower than on less specific keywords).  It also means that any traffic arriving at a site via those keywords is very targeted traffic that is more likely to convert to sales; so long tail keywords can be of key benefit to any website or PPC campaign.