PayPal Payment ProcessingPayPal offers webmasters several ways to implement payment options on their site(s) and, with quick and easy to installation, it is little wonder that PayPal payment processing continues to be such a popular choice with webmasters.  But PayPal payment processing options are not limited to websites, many freelancers and online workers also choose to bill their clients via PayPal.

PayPal Payment Processing Options

“Buy Now” Buttons:  Buy now buttons are quick and easy to install and are particularly useful for implantation on single page websites and sales pages. The simplest way to create a button is to log into PayPal, enter the product details (price, item, etc.), and then copy the code provided and paste it into the required webpage. Buttons are easily customized and the button can be set to automatically divert customers to any chosen page (often a download page) after payment is completed.

PayPal Shopping Cart: PayPal shopping cart buttons are the way to go when a site is selling more than one product or service. Such sites could still use “Buy Now” buttons, but customers who made multiple purchases would be required to also make an equal number of payments. This can be a real turn-off from the customer’s perspective. PayPal shopping cart allows customers to add their chosen products to their basket and then visit the PayPal checkout page and pay in a single payment.

Accept Donations: Instead of enabling site visitors to pay for a product or service the donations button provides visitors with the opportunity to tip the webmaster. Any revenue generated by such buttons is likely to be minimal (unless a site is unusually popular and informative), but many webmasters find them a useful addition to their sites.

PayPal Invoicing: A popular choice with freelance workers and people who sell their services online. PayPal invoices make it simple to bill clients and PayPal’s template facility provides an easy way to duplicate regular invoices.

Other Payment Methods: A PayPal card reading device is also available (at a price), and the PayPal app enables people to use their smartphone to take payments, but although these options are useful they will probably be of little interest to people who make their money online, so we will give them a passing nod and then move on.

Some Final Thoughts

Not everyone loves PayPal, and there are many other ways to process payments online (some of them quite costly), but PayPal is a pay as go payment processor (List of PayPal Fees), and although PayPal payment processing is not the cheapest option available, neither is it the most expensive and for anyone who is not used to receiving money via the internet it is probably the easiest option as well.