Press releases were all about informing TV and print media about a new product or service, but things have changed; words are still important but you need more than standard marketing rhetoric to stand out. The Internet allows your customers to look at businesses from all around the world. Your online press release needs to stand out to them. You need to provide information that engages and is of interest to your readers. But, now in the internet marketing realm, you need to also make sure that the search engines as well as your target audience will find your article. Keep these tips in mind when you write your next online press release.

Keywords are Critical to Success

Simply put, keywords (or key phrases) are a specific term used in search engines to find a particular service or product and you need to have researched the correct ones before you start writing your press release. You need to find terms that people are searching for and that summarize the content of your press release, this will allow you to obtain good visibility on the search engines. Each word or phrase should be around 2 – 3% of the overall word count, do not over use them otherwise they may be considered as spam and be ignored.

Get the Layout Correct

Just as important as knowing which keywords to use, is understanding where to put them. Make the most of the keywords by following this guide:

  • Title – Keep it concise and attention grabbing, include the keywords with a call to action.
  • Summary – Give an overview as an introduction and use closely associated or secondary keywords or phrases
  • Body – Write in the third person and this is where the main body of the text includes the keywords and phrases.
  • About the Company – A short synopsis of your company’s services, include a keyword if it makes sense to do so, but always have a link to your site.
  • Press Contact – Provide a single point of contact for all inquiries.
  • References – Do not forget to provide any references for any quotes or statistics used, this lends an air of credibility.

Content is King

Try to use a compelling subject that has a wide appeal. Ask yourself would you take the time to read this online press release? You need strong attention grabbing headlines that stand out and will be found, but remember to create great original content and make it interesting to the reader. You should be writing for humans and not search engines!

The principal aim of the press release is to draw attention to the company, so add lots of quotes and sell the company, but the release is worthless if it does not hold the reader’s attention long enough to get the message home. Keep it concise and keep waffle to a minimum.

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