YouTube is a phenomenon that draws millions of viewers everyday, with over a billion users sharing content across the globe. Clued-up business owners and marketing experts are getting on board, using the unique platform to reach and expand their target audience.


If you’re not confident in front of or behind the camera, it can feel overwhelming to even consider a YouTube campaign. However, learning more about the possibilities that YouTube offers may be enough to convince you to dust off your camera (or smartphone) and get and your business out there.


Choose Skippable or Non-Skippable Ads


There are two main types of advertising on YouTube, ads that are skippable, meaning that viewers can choose whether or not to watch your content, and non-skippable ads, where content must be watched in order to access the chosen video. The research suggests that short and sweet is the way to go, with content at or under 3 minutes yielding the best returns.


Whichever type of advertising you choose, you’ll want to research your options carefully and consider working with a Digital Marketing Agency to really optimise the impact of your campaign.


How To Create a Successful YouTube Advert


  1. Consider your audience. As with any form of advertising, a YouTube campaign can only be successful if it is seen by the right people – those who will be interested in your product or service and go on to become customers. Targeting your advertising is a very important part of digital marketing, and you should be analysing the statistics to see how effective your campaign is on a regular basis. For non-skippable ads, for example, your ‘Click Through Rate’, (CTR), should tell you whether or not you are successfully converting viewers into customers.


  1. Consider your content carefully.YouTube gives you many opportunities to attract and engage potential viewers, but there is a lot of competition out there, so you need to be sure you’re getting it right. You need a headline that is compelling enough to draw people in and a description that will encourage them to click through to your website (or complete another ‘call to action’ for your business).


  1. Use images.YouTube is an instant platform, with millions of alternative options competing to engage your viewers. Grabbing the attention of your potential customers is vital and their first glance will make a big difference to their opinion of your business. Thumbnail images and any graphics that you use must be compelling and eye-catching.


  1. Keep it fresh.If your view rate was high but has dropped, it’s a pretty good indication that people are bored with your content. Keeping your content fresh and relevant is vital to any advertising campaign and it’s especially important to consider this for a campaign on YouTube as so much content is being created and uploaded on a daily basis. In-stream ads can be used to boost YouTube channel subscribers, which allows you to build a loyal audience who will engage with your content consistently.


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