Mobile Marketing is becoming increasingly important for companies or all sizes!

The era of mobile devices is definitely here. People are spending more time than ever before on their mobile devices, using Internet applications to connect to their entire world of friends and information. According to a Microsoft study, by 2014, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage and already more than 50% of all ‘local’ searches are done from a mobile device. Driven by bandwidth and a rich ecosystem of ‘anytime, anywhere’ wireless capabilities; mobile online activity is rising dramatically along with communication, entertainment, social networking and media capture.

Those who use computing devices to access the Internet, e-mail, watch videos, listen to music or play games now rely on mobile devices to do it better, easier, faster, more portably and more conveniently. They also have more fun and enjoy being online in a manner that is ‘cool’.

While businesses have been quick to jump onto the mobile marketing band-wagon, not all their experiences are positive.

Avoid some of the common mistakes:

  • The mobile version of your website should be more than just a shrunken version of what your site looks like on a desktop computer. The content, design and interface should be very simple, user-friendly, and attractive and must load quickly.
  • Many businesses create and sell content that is anything but mobile friendly. What you need to do is market content (texts, pictures or videos) via mobile, that is easily downloadable and offers users a pleasant experience.
  • Make the interaction worth their time to users. The rewards you can offer are only limited by your ingenuity like coupons, videos, convenience, recipes, extra information, contests, free downloads, etc.
  • Mobile users become frustrated when information doesn’t translate correctly on their specific device, so ensure you optimize your campaign for every medium, device, system and browser.
  • Don’t simply use a QR code to drive people back to your website. Instead, send users to mobile-friendly landing pages, informing them about specials and promotions, or providing an exclusive experience via their phone.

Mobile marketing is opening new opportunities for companies, contact us for more information on how can get the most from your Mobile campaign.