Facebook: August Updates

Get ready for some nice, new Facebook layout changes from August 23rd.

Facebook will be automatically changing the current standard template to a new services template.

Current Template
New Template

The new layout is specifically for businesses and will showcase important information about the business – such as hours, prices and your menu – making it easier for people to connect with the brand. This is just the latest of many changes that have been implemented by Facebook this year. Other changes include:

  • Cross Posting to Instagram: Facebook now allows for posts to be shared across to Instagram which is timely and convenient. Just scroll down to the bottom option when scheduling or publishing you post.

Image result for facebook cross post to instagram

  • Separate Invoicing for Instagram and Facebook Ads: Before these were represented on one invoice, but now Facebook have divided up the invoicing so you can clearly see exactly where your advertising money is being spent.
  • Info and Ads: In the last few months Facebook has allowed for full transparency when it comes to Facebook ads. The ads that any given company is running can be viewed by tabbing in to the bottom right hand corner.
  • Beneficial community tools are also being rolled out, such as Workplace for Good-an online hub where non-profit based communities are brought together through HD video calls, instant messaging, chatbots and file sharing integrations. Facebook have also rolled out fundraising tools on the platform making it easier to raise money for charity. Now, Pages that represent public figures or brands can now donate directly to nonprofit fundraisers. Users can also now make recurring monthly donations to a nonprofit fundraiser.
  • Facebook are also currently testing out exciting new tools. How much time are you spending on the Facebook app? One of Facebook’s future features is on its way to show you. ‘Your Time On Facebook’ is a blow by blow account of your time on the app. This could be a real eye opener for us all!
  • Augmented reality posts are also in trial stages at the moment. Pretty soon you could be trying on your outfits and accessories AR style before making a purchase!

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