Does your business need a new website, or do you really need an Online Marketing Solution.

Online Marketing Solution, Cork, IrelandEven just 10 years ago it might have been possible for a business to put up a website, rank online and generate business without a structured online marketing solution, but not any more. Although it is very difficult to know exactly how many websites are out there in the ever expanding universe of the World Wide Web, we do know that there are roughly 150,000 new domain names registered every single day, that’s 4.5 million per month and 54 million per year. This information comes from VeriSign (The URL registry service).

So what exactly does this mean for companies wishing to take their business online?

Well, in essence businesses can no longer simply put up a website and wait for the business to roll in. The world wide web is expanding at such a rate of knots that in 1998 Google indexed around 26 million pages of content. In 2008 this figure grew to over 1 trillion pages. Now in 2012, this figure has more than doubled. What this means is that any company who is serious about taking their business online simply has to implement an online marketing solution – not just a website.

The importance of page rankings

Although page rankings aren’t the ‘be all and end all’ of your website they’re still very important. In fact, as a rough guide, it can be estimated that any company who is well placed between first position and third position on page 1 of Google for a particular search term will generally receive around 60-80% of the entire number of enquiries (clicks). The remaining 20% -40% are generally divided up between positions four and ten. It is worth pointing out that you can be on the second or third page of Google and still be generating a little business but if the potential is there to treble or even quadruple the number of hits your site receives by getting onto the first page (particularly in positions 1-3) then you’d be pretty silly not to take up the offer.

This can be achieved with the right online marketing solution. There are in fact a whole gamut of methods which can be deployed and will all work together to improve your Google presence. An experienced SEO company will utilise methods such as…

  • Web properties (site building, on page SEO, social media and blogs)
  • Traffic building activities to attract visitors to your site
  • Customer conversion (utilising tried and tested techniques to turn ‘lookers’ into buyers)
  • Analytics (setting targets, measuring results, implementation based on findings)

Beyond your website performance

In today’s competitive online environment, your website is just one element of your overall Online Marketing Solution. You also need to consider

E-mail Marketing – opt in e-mail marketing continues to be one of the most cost effective and efficient marketing tools. How does this integrate with your website, how are you growing your contact list and maximising the return from this valuable resource.

Social Media – I’m sure you’re getting sick of the constant bombardment of news in this area, but as a growing medium it is important to understand how this integrates with your website and overall Online Marketing Solution. Whether you are taking an active or passive role in Social Media – it is a reality for every business today.

Paid Search or Paid Online Marketing – this may not be right for every business, but should be investigated and conscious decisions made. Any investments in directory listings or other online advertising should be measure to decide whether it is a worthwhile investment to continue or not.

Mobile Marketing – the rate at which this is increasing in frightening. More and more of us are using our smartphones to get instant information and to make purchasing decisions.

If you are looking into taking your business online, or alternatively you have a website that simply isn’t generating traffic then you need to speak to an experienced Internet Marketing Company about an online marketing solution.

WSI are one such company. We offer a complimentary detailed internet business analysis to ascertain which techniques can be employed in your online marketing solution in order to get your website and ultimately your business exactly where you need to be. Why not give us a call today?