PPC Performance – 4 Sure Fire Ways To Improve Performance On A Limited Budget


For the majority of online advertising campaigns there comes a time when it is going to outgrow the budgets that were initially set to sustain them. The problem is that you are then faced with a dilemma. Do you increase PPC performance (Pay Per Click) by throwing more money into the campaign? Or alternatively do you try to optimise your campaign with the budget you already have?

It’s often far easier to simply throw more money into the pot and expand your PPC efforts, but what happens if you have limited funds? With this in mind, here are 4 sure fire ways to improve performance on a limited budget….


Set up ad scheduling

In the world of PPC advertising, it’s well known that certain hours in the day and/or days of the week are going to convert better than others. To improve PPC Performance, take a look at the times when your advertising has been successful and set your scheduling up around these times. Remove scheduling from those times that simply aren’t converting.


Make use of negative keywords

It’s without doubt that some of the keywords in your account are going to be triggering adverts for irrelevant search queries, so it’s important to stop this from happening. The first step is to sort through your search query reportsand identify these triggers. Secondly, once you’ve found the culprits then add the appropriate negative keywords. This will make sure that your ad spend is going towards only those relevant clicks that convert. To get the most from you PPC Performance it is important to realise that this is not a “one-off” exercise. Reviewing search queries and add keywords (negative and positive) should happen regularly.


Putting your budgets into campaigns that give the best return

When you set your advertising campaign across the board, it stands to reason that PPC performance is undoubtedly going to be greater in some areas than others. As a result rather than stretching your budget across a wider area, concentrate it across those areas that are performing well. Here’s an example…  A sports retailer currently has two campaigns with capped budgets. A running shorts campaign is capped at a daily spend of €40 and brings in a ROI of 140%. However a running shoe campaign is capped at €20 daily with a ROI of 260%. The most effective course of action would be to re-allocate the budget for the running shorts, over to the running shoes where the ROI is far greater for less expenditure.


Get your location targeting right

Having geo-targeted campaigns in areas where you know your target audience is concentrated is key for PPC Performance. Therefore analyse PPC campaigns closely and switch advertising to those areas that have proven to perform best.


Finally, there’s one critical behaviour that will ensure PPC Performance success and this is to review, test and update…. 

Regardless of how much information you compiled before you invested in your campaign, you should constantly review, test and update areas that are working and not working so well. By being on top of this process, it will ensure that you manage to stay that one jump ahead of your competition and will ultimately grow your return on investment, without it costing you the earth.

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